Olympic Games Schedules

Understanding the Olympic Games Schedule

Olympic Games are the most prestigious international sporting events in the world. It’s contested every four years, alternating between the Summer and Winter Games every couple of years. Wagering on the Olympics is available with the release of the odds. 

Main Events for This Season

Olympics are always a big deal, though its composition can change with each renewal. Perhaps some sports are added, which means more odds and opportunities on which to wager. The 2020 Summer Olympics (held in 2021 due to pandemic) saw five new events added, while the 2022 Winter Olympics debuted seven new competitions.

Expect even more events to be added in the future. The next Summer Games will be in July, 2024, in Paris. The next Winter Games will be shared by Italy’s Milan and Cortina, in 2026. 

Tips Before Betting the Olympic Games

Olympics are unique from other sporting events in that it’s a conglomeration of different sports. Thus, our betting tips are broad but still practical.

  1. Learn to convert betting odds into win probability, then take these probabilities to determine the athletes on whom to wager. When it comes to point spreads in team sports (basketball, volleyball etc.), learn to distinguish the value between the spread and the moneyline.
  2. Research the recent history of the athletes involved, as there are many international competitions leading to the Olympic Games schedule. Maybe you can find some sleepers. 
  3. Name bias is real, even in the Olympics. Athletes who represent dominant nations, such as the USA or Germany, usually have short odds. Also, the star athlete, regardless of country, rarely offers any value. Remember, surprises happen quite frequently, as it’s hard to win at the Olympics. 
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