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One of the best things about the UFC is that it happens year-round. That’s right. There are no “off-seasons” for the UFC, which usually features at least one pay-per-view (PPV) event every month and around 40 events for the year. That is almost one event every week or at least three each month.

You can find the UFC schedule updated all the time here along with the current UFC odds.

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3 Tips Before Betting on UFC Fights

Betting on the UFC can be both fun and frustrating. Upsets happen a lot in mixed martial arts (MMA) and the UFC is no exception.

The lines have become more carefully patrolled now so it can be harder to find an edge than before. However, take these three tips into mind and you may just consistently beat them:

Bet on the Odds

Bet on the odds, not the name. It’s easy to get sucked into the hype of a charismatic fighter. Thus, you will see plenty of popular UFC fighters with odds that offer little value because the public is betting heavily on them. Alternatively, some lesser-known fighters can be underestimated, giving them plenty of value.

Bet on something other than the winner

The UFC has no point spreads but it has round totals and prop bets. If most of the action is on the winner, there may be totals and props that offer better value. Check them out. 

Avoid recency bias

UFC lines are an overreaction to what happened in the fighter’s last bout. Thus, you can find fighters coming off a loss to have longer odds while fighters on a winning streak can have shorter ones. 


UFC Events FAQs

How often are UFC events held?

The frequency of UFC events varies, but typically there are multiple events held each month. These events include numbered pay-per-view cards, Fight Night cards, and UFC on ESPN events.

How long does a typical UFC event last?

The length of a UFC event can vary depending on the number of fights scheduled and the pace of the fights themselves. On average, a UFC event lasts around three hours, although some can go longer if there are multiple lengthy fights or delays.

How are UFC fighters matched up for a fight?

Fighters are matched up based on their weight class and record. The UFC has several weight classes for both male and female fighters, and fighters are generally matched up with opponents of a similar weight and skill level. The UFC also takes into account factors such as popularity and rankings when making matches for high-profile events.

What is the difference between a UFC Pay-Per-View event and a Fight Night event?

A UFC Pay-Per-View event is a larger and more high-profile event that typically features a championship bout or a highly anticipated fight between two well-known fighters. It is only available for purchase through a pay-per-view provider. A Fight Night event is a smaller event that is broadcast on a cable or streaming service and typically features a mix of established and up-and-coming fighters.
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