UFC vs Boxing: What’s the Difference?

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There’s always a debate about UFC vs Boxing – which sport is better and what exactly is the difference?

Some of the best UFC fighters of all time have tried their hand at boxing and failed, but we never see boxers have an MMA fight.

We look at the differences in rules, popularity, skill sets, and everything else that makes the fight sports different in their beautiful ways.


Rules and Regulations


Boxing is a centuries-old sport with a straightforward set of rules.

The primary objective is to strike the opponent with punches above the waistline, targeting the head and body. Fighters wear gloves that protect their hands but allow for powerful punches.

Boxing fights are divided into rounds, usually lasting three minutes, with a one-minute rest in between. Most title fights are anywhere from 12-15 rounds but can end at any time with a knockout.

In boxing, victory can be achieved through a few methods: knockout (when an opponent is unable to continue), technical knockout (referee or corner stoppage), or a decision by judges based on scoring rounds.

Boxers are not allowed to grapple, kick, or use any other part of their body except their fists, which is the main difference between UFC vs Boxing.


The UFC, on the other hand, is a relatively new combat sport that emerged in the early 1990s.

Its ruleset is far more diverse and allows a broader range of techniques. Fighters can strike with their fists, elbows, knees, and feet, and they can also use grappling techniques like submissions and takedowns.

Unlike boxing, UFC fighters compete in an octagon-shaped cage, which adds an element of strategy and can be used to their advantage or disadvantage.

Victory in the UFC can be achieved through various means, including submission, knockout, technical knockout, or a decision by judges.

UFC fighters often engage in a wider range of fighting styles and tactics, making it a more complex and unpredictable sport, and it’s also regarded as a more exciting sport to watch and to wager on.

UFC standings show that younger fighters win more often, which isn’t always the case with boxing.


Fighter Attire and Equipment


In boxing, fighters wear gloves specifically designed for punching, hand wraps for added protection, and boxing shorts.

The weight of the gloves is much heavier compared to UFC. The hands are also fully encased in the glove, unlike in the UFC where the fighters are exposed.


UFC fighters wear MMA gloves that allow for both striking and grappling.

Because they need their fingers to grapple, they are exposed, which can lead to eye pokes and fighters holding onto the cage illegally.

Striking is easier because of the lighter weight.


Fan Base and Popularity


Boxing has a long and storied history, with numerous legendary boxing fighters like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather capturing the world’s attention.

It has a devoted fan base and is particularly popular in countries like the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, and there is always latest boxing news breaking headlines.

More recently, social media stars have started boxing, which has brought a new fanbase to the pugilist sport.


The UFC’s rise to popularity has been more recent, but it has gained significant traction in a relatively short time. It has a diverse fan base that appreciates the variety of fighting styles on display.

The UFC has also capitalized on the global appeal of mixed martial arts, attracting fans from around the world, and sports channels are saturated with its content.

Dana White has been instrumental in keeping the sport popular, and he often talks about the war between UFC vs Boxing.


Exploring UFC Betting

The UFC consistently delivers exciting weekends throughout the year, providing punters with a wealth of UFC odds to sift through. As one of the premier organizations for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the UFC features a rapid succession of title fights across various weight divisions for both genders.

UFC Odds

The primary focus of UFC odds centers on the match outright market, where punters simply choose a winner. However, with only two options to select from, this market doesn’t always offer the best value for bettors.

Alternative markets for MMA betting include a method of victory and rounds betting. These options introduce variables such as how a fighter might win the bout (by knockout or decision), and bettors can also predict the specific round in which the fight will conclude.


Boxing Betting

Boxing betting mirrors the structure of MMA odds, with key markets revolving around outright bout odds, method of victory, and round betting. Round group betting is a common feature in boxing odds.

In round group betting, three rounds are grouped together in a single betting selection, such as Rounds 3 through 6 for predicting when the fight will end. Additionally, bettors can forecast which fighter will win within a specific round group.

The heavyweight division stands out as boxing’s pinnacle for sports betting, drawing the most attention and producing some of the sport’s most legendary figures. However, as with MMA, there are numerous weight classes and divisions for both men and women. With an in-depth look at the multitude of boxing and MMA markets, there’s no shortage of exciting fights to anticipate on any given weekend.

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