Over and Under Betting Guide

Over and Under Betting Guide: What is Over or Under?

Over and Under Betting Guide


Betting on totals adds excitement to the game, and it’s a great way to maximize value. Over/Under Betting involves betting on how many points will be scored, and it’s more complex than simply picking the winner of the game.


What Is an Over/Under Bet?


The sportsbook will set a total based on how many points will be scored in a game. A common NBA basketball line is set around 220 points, so bettors need to decide if there will be fewer (under) or more (over) points.


An over/under wager requires bettors to pick either under or over on the total points, runs, or goals set by bookmakers.


It’s a simple concept at first glance, but there are varying factors in deciding what line is produced by bookmakers. Teams don’t necessarily need to score a lot of points, runs, or goals to win a game.


Therefore, bookmakers need to determine the style of the game, the teams involved, and also aspects such as weather conditions, type of field, and many more.


Taking the over or under religiously can result in a small profit. For example, during the 2021-22 NBA season, 17 of the 30 teams had a higher Over percentage, but the margins were small. Therefore, it’s best for bettors to do their homework and find the ideal situation to place an Over/Under Bet.


Factors to Consider with Over/Under Bets


There are many factors involved in picking the winner of an over/under wager. The more important factor with outdoor sports, such as National Football League and soccer, is weather conditions.


💰 Teams aren’t going to score as many points or goals when it’s raining or windy. Softer conditions make for a more defensive game, so that needs to be taken into account.


💰 It pays to check weather forecasts in advance, and sometimes you can beat the bookmakers to the punch. Locking in a total line before it moves due to weather conditions is the ideal time to strike.


💰 Injuries also play a big part in bookmakers setting the line. If a notable player is missing from the lineup, expect the over/under the betting line to be lower. Even with only a doubt regarding a player not being able to suit up, sportsbooks could post a slightly lower line.


💰 If it’s a late omission, the line will change instantly, so keeping an eye on injury reports is vital when it comes to betting on totals.


💰 Some teams are better at going either under or over the line. Bettors will see betting trends emerge throughout the season, which gives you an idea of which teams are hitting the under or over.


💰 Western Conference NBA teams often have higher over/under lines because they’re not known for playing defense. It’s similar in the NFL when teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots meet.


💰 They’re high-scoring teams, so bettors should expect a higher line. However, just because they’re high-powered offenses, it doesn’t guarantee the overhitting. Bettors need to look at how often NFL teamswill run the ball and take time off the clock.


💰 It’s often not as simple as betting on which team will win the game. However, there are value lines posted every day, so the opportunity to win big is there.


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Over/Under Betting Examples​


Below are three examples of what over/under-betting markets look like. Bettors can bet on full-game, half, and quarter totals, so there are plenty of options for a single-game wager.


NFL Over/Under Betting markets look as follows

Over: Chiefs logo Kansas City Chiefs 46½ -110o
Under:Patriots logo New England Patriots 46½ -110u


If you want to bet on the over 46½ points, click on -110o (over). If you want to bet on the under, click -110u (under).


There are also team totals, which would be made up of two numbers equaling or coming close to the overall total. For example, the Chiefs would be 26½ and the Patriots 20½.


In soccer or NHL, the total is much lower. There is less variance in betting on soccer or ice hockey, which can make it slightly harder to predict.


Bookmakers often set totals around 2-5 goals, so the margin of error is lower than NFL and NBA. The soccer over/under market looks as follows:


The soccer over/under market looks as follows

Over: MUN Manchester United 2½ -120o
Under:RMA Real Madrid 2½ +100u


Bettors can also bet on individual player props, wager on how many points, rebounds, touchdowns, goals, and on everything else in between.


Bet on individual player
Bam Adebayorebounds 10½ -110orebounds 10½ -110u



Pros and Cons of Over and Under Betting

🔷 Pros:

🔹 Betting on over/under markets gives bettors an alternative option to betting on moneyline and point spreads markets.
🔹 Same-game parlays can include totals. They provide bettors with vale lines.
🔹 Bet on individual teams to perform better or worse than bookmakers expect.


🔶 Cons:

🔸 The weather can change after you place your wager. Once you accept your bet there’s no going back.
🔸 If you bet on the over and the game results are out of the question, teams don’t always want to score more points.





Betting on over/under markets adds to the fun of wagering on sports. There are some bettors who solely bet totals, which makes it a popular option, and it’s another way to find value when betting on your favorite game.


Bookmakers often list value lines, so pick your value spots and go with them.




FAQs: Over and Under Betting

1. What Does Over and Under Mean in Betting?

Over and under betting is when you place a wager on the number of points, runs, or goals in a game. If the total is set at 50½, you need at least 51 points to cash your over bet.

2. How Do Over and Under Betting Work?

Bookmakers set a total depending on the type of game. Bettors place a wager on whether they think a game will go above or below the sportsbook total.

3. How Can I Win an Over and Under Bet?

If you bet the under, you need the total points, goals or runs to go below the total set by bookmakers. Betting the over requires the total to go above the sportsbook line.

4. What Sports Feature Over and Under Markets?

All the main American sports have over and under markets, including NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. There are also totals markets on soccer, rugby and most major sports around the world.

5. How Do I Bet Over and Under?

If you think there will be more points than the sportsbook line, bet over. If you think it will be low-scoring, bet under.


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