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Making tennis predictions and betting on tennis has become one of the favorite pastimes of sports bettors. Tennis is a major sport with a lot of money invested in it. There is an enormous hype each year about certain tournaments, with the prize money going up each time. It is no wonder that some of the richest athletes in the world are actually tennis players. 

On the other hand, this also makes tennis very lucrative to bet on. It can offer many opportunities for these profitable betting techniques due to fast-moving odds and player performance changes from one day to another. Here, at Point Spreads, you can check their stats and follow our betting tips and predictions.

More recently, there has been a rising interest in betting on tennis, with more and more stars emerging within the sport. Each tournament comes with its own thrills and upsets, allowing sports bettors to take advantage of them and potentially make some money. 


Tennis Betting Odds


Tennis is a very top-heavy sport, with a big gap happening between some Tennis Matches, specifically in the opening rounds of tournaments.

Sometimes, the odds may make it seem like you cannot make any serious money betting on players like Iga Swiatek or Roger Federer. However, with the match spreads options, this gives you a considerable chance.

Let’s use a hypothetical match between Rafael Nadal and Tommy Paul to walk us through this.

Tennis Betting Odds Example

Rafael Nadal -3½
Tommy Paul+3½

Tennis is a bit different than other sports because of how many sets there are, but that spread is all-encompassing of the match.It is a lot easier to visualize this through an example, as if those two were facing off.

In this example, Paul would be considered the underdog and be favored by 3½ games (Nadal -3½ /Paul +3½).If Nadal were to win the game, 7-6, 4-6, 6-1, that would be a win if you had wagered on Nadal -3½ (+1, -2, +5 [+4 total] in the sets).

However, if you had bet on Paul +3½ and he lost the match, 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, you would win (-3, +3, +2, [+2 total]) the wager It’s important to remember that wagering on the spread is a combination of all of the sets, not just the singular set. Still, you could also wager that way as well, if you want.

Types of Betting

How to Bet on Tennis

"To Win" Bet

A wager on the outright winner is sometimes known as a “to win” bet. This is the most basic bet on the list, and it’s definitely a good place to start if you’re new to tennis betting. Do you think Rafael Nadal will win the next tournament? You may place an outright winner wager on him, and if he wins, you win. You should be able to receive tennis betting odds on every competitor before a big competition. 

Amount of Money

All of the participants will nearly always pay out more than even money for a right prediction, meaning that if you wager $100, you will almost always win more than $100. The greater the long shot, the more money you’ll earn if they pull off the huge upset; the heavier the favorite, the less money you’ll get for the right choice. 

Learn more on how much to bet with our guides

Match Bet

A match bet is similar to an outright winner bet, only you’re choosing the winner of a single match rather than an entire tournament. You’ll be able to choose between the two players to win. The payment odds will be changed based on whether the player is a favorite or an underdog. Similar to the outright tournament winners above, the favorite will generally pay out less than even money, while the underdog will usually pay out more than even money. 

Payouts for the Match

Keep a watch on the payouts for the match you’re interested in since the lines are likely to vary depending on how the betting public is betting. If the betting public begins to wager too heavily in the incorrect way, this might provide some wonderful value opportunities. As a spoiler, the betting public is not generally seen to be educated and has a proclivity for moving lines inappropriately. This is where you pound, and this is how you profit from tennis betting.

Tips, Tricks and Advice for Betting Spreads in Tennis

There are a solid amount of tips and tricks, but for the purposes of this article, we will highlight a few major ones. 

Historical Data

One tip is to use historical data as supplemental information, whether previous head-to-head matches between the players, how they performed against the spread or even on the playing surface itself. By no means, this shouldn’t be the only research you’re doing to try to develop an edge, but understanding previous situations could help you in that regard. 

How Each Player Plays

Another tip is understanding how each player plays. It sounds simple, but there’s a history for the majority of the tennis players, especially in Grand Slam events. For example, dive into how they play when behind in a match compared to how they play with the lead. 

Some players will take their foot off the gas pedal a bit, providing an opportunity for their foe to get back into the match and win a few games. That’s critical when betting on the spread. 

Getting a grasp on how different players attack a breakpoint is important. Understanding their behavior to make a pretty solid judgment on how they will play in those subsequent matches. 

Do not expect to hit on every one of these. That’s not the intention. This is supposed to even the playing field for both opponents, thus missing approximately half your bets. 


Understanding why you made your wager, and seeing why it did/did not work really helps in becoming a solid winner over time.

Keep a spreadsheet or notebook with all of your bets, and have some resources to help you make your wagers (instead of a “gut feeling”), because informed betting makes a huge difference. 

Tennis History

Tennis, a popular sport worldwide, is believed to have originated in northern France in the 12th century, where it was called jeu de paume or “game of the palm,” played with the hand. However, it wasn’t until the 16th century that rackets were introduced, and the game started being referred to as “tennis.” During this time, the game gained popularity in England and France, and even King Henry VIII of England was a big fan of the game, known as real tennis. It was in the United States, on a grass court in Nahant, Massachusetts, that lawn tennis was introduced in 1874 by Dr. James Dwight, Henry Slocum, Richard Dudley Sears, and Sears’ half-brother Fred Sears. This marked an important milestone in the evolution of tennis, which continued to grow in popularity over time.

The first Wimbledon championship, one of the most prestigious tennis events in the world, was held in 1877 on one of the croquet lawns of the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club, which had changed its name to reflect the game’s popularity. 

Since then, tennis has seen significant changes and developments, including the establishment of other significant tennis tournaments such as the US Open, the French Open, and the Australian Open, which have become part of the four Grand Slam events in tennis.

Although no tournaments were held at Wimbledon during 1915-1918 and 1940-1945 because of the First and Second World Wars, the game still continued to grow in popularity. 

In 1968, the Open era began when professional tennis players were allowed to compete in Grand Slam tournaments for the first time. This led to increased prize money and made the game more competitive. 

Today, the Grand Slam tournaments are the most prestigious and high-profile tennis events globally. Additionally, other significant tennis tournaments are held each year, including the Davis Cup, the Fed Cup, the ATP Finals, and the WTA Finals, which provide platforms for both established and up-and-coming players to showcase their skills.

Tennis has indeed come a long way since its origins in the 12th century, and its evolution continues to make it one of the most exciting and popular sports in the world today.


Understanding the reason a bet is made in the manner it’s made is truly important for good wagering. Use the tips and tricks we shared here and develop a system that works to ensure you make good money while watching the beautiful game of tennis. Whether the favorite or the underdog, understanding the why is critical. 

Create a winning mentality. Tennis is an ongoing sport throughout the year, so you can polish up your wagering strategy without missing a beat. 

Tennis Betting FAQS

When does the tennis season usually start and end?

The tennis season usually starts in January with the Australian Open and ends in November with the ATP Finals and the WTA Finals. Throughout the year, there are four Grand Slam tournaments, nine ATP Masters 1000 events, thirteen WTA Premier events, and the year-end championships for both the ATP and the WTA.

What are the basic shots in tennis?

There are eight basic shots in tennis: serve, forehand, backhand, volley, half-volley, overhead, drop shot, and lob. The volley is a shot in tennis when you hit the ball before it bounces on the court.

What was the decision to remove ATP Rankings points from 2022 Wimbledon and why was it made?

The ATP has made the decision to remove ATP Rankings points from 2022 Wimbledon due to the change in the tournament’s grass surface from a perennial rye grass to a hybrid Bermuda grass. This change could affect the fairness of the ranking system and the players’ ability to adjust to the new surface. The ATP has stressed that this decision was made in the interest of the broader picture for tennis and not self-interest.

How do players earn ranking points in tennis?

Players earn ranking points in tennis by participating and winning matches in various tournaments throughout the year. The number of points awarded depends on the tournament’s category and the player’s performance. The ATP and the WTA both have their ranking systems and separate point structures.
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