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Tennis is a very top-heavy sport, with a big gap with some Tennis Matches, specifically in the opening rounds of tournaments. 

It may seem like you cannot make money betting on players like Serena Williams or Roger Federer. However, with match spreads, this gives you a chance. 

Let’s use a hypothetical match between Rafael Nadal and Tommy Paul to walk us through this.

Betting Example

Rafael Nadal -3½
Tommy Paul+3½

It is a lot easier to visualize this through an example as if those two were facing off, Nadal would be favored by 3½ games (Nadal -3½ /Paul +3½).

Tennis is a bit different than other sports because of how many sets there are, but that spread is all-encompassing of the match. If Nadal were to win the game, 7-6, 4-6, 6-1, that would be a win if you wagered Nadal -3½ (+1, -2, +5 [+4 total] in the sets).  

However, if you bet Paul +3½ and he lost the match, 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, you would win (-3, +3, +2, [+2 total]) the wager  It’s important to remember that wagering on the spread is a combination of all of the sets, not just the singular set, though you can wager that way as well. 

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How to Bet on Tennis

"To Win" Bet

A wager on the outright winner is sometimes known as a “to win” bet. This is the most basic bet on the list, and it’s definitely a good place to start if you’re new to tennis betting. Do you think Rafael Nadal will win the next tournament? You may place an outright winner wager on him, and if he wins, you win. You should be able to receive tennis betting odds on every competitor before a big competition. 

Amount of money

All of the participants will nearly always pay out more than even money for a right prediction, meaning that if you wager $100, you will almost always win more than $100. The greater the long shot, the more money you’ll earn if they pull off the huge upset; the heavier the favorite, the less money you’ll get for the right choice. 

Learn more on how much to bet with our guides

Match Bet

A match bet is similar to an outright winner bet, only you’re choosing the winner of a single match rather than an entire tournament. You’ll be able to choose between the two players to win. The payment odds will be changed based on whether the player is a favorite or an underdog. Similar to the outright tournament winners above, the favorite will generally pay out less than even money, while the underdog will usually pay out more than even money. 

Payouts for the match

Keep a watch on the payouts for the match you’re interested in since the lines are likely to vary depending on how the betting public is betting. If the betting public begins to wager too heavily in the incorrect way, this might provide some wonderful value opportunities. As a spoiler, the betting public is not generally seen to be educated and has a proclivity for moving lines inappropriately. This is where you pound, and this is how you profit from tennis betting.

Tips, Tricks And Advice For Betting Spreads in Tennis

There are a solid amount of tips and tricks, but for the purposes of this article, we will highlight a few major ones. 

Historical Data

One tip is to use historical data as supplemental information, whether previous head-to-head matches between the players, how they performed against the spread or even on the playing surface itself. By no means, this shouldn’t be the only research you’re doing to try to develop an edge, but understanding previous situations could help you in that regard. 

How each player plays

Another tip is understanding how each player plays. It sounds simple, but there’s a history for the majority of the tennis players, especially in Grand Slam events. For example, dive into how they play when behind in a match compared to how they play with the lead. 

Some players will take their foot off the gas pedal a bit, providing an opportunity for their foe to get back into the match and win a few games. That’s critical when betting on the spread

Getting a grasp on how different players attack a breakpoint is important. Understanding their behavior to make a pretty solid judgment on how they will play in those subsequent matches. 

Do not expect to hit on every one of these. That’s not the intention. This is supposed to even the playing field for both opponents, thus missing approximately half your bets. 


Understanding why you made your wager, and seeing why it did/did not work really helps in becoming a solid winner over time.

Keep a spreadsheet or notebook with all of your bets, and have some resources to help you make your wagers (instead of a “gut feeling”), because informed betting makes a huge difference. 

Tennis History

The Australian Open is the first of four major tennis tournaments each year, and the first chance for every player to make a major impact on the season in an Australian Heat that would make the underworld feel at home. From a betting perspective, the Australian Open is one of the first chances bettors get to wager on the top players in the world each year. One such way to bet on the Australian Open is to wager on tennis spreads, one of the most popular forms of tennis betting.


Use some tips and tricks we shared here and develop a system that works may well ensure you make some money watching the beautiful game of tennis. Whether the favorite or the underdog, understanding why a bet is made is critical. 

Create a winning mentality. Tennis is ongoing throughout the year, and this wagering strategy could be used in singles or doubles and during any tournament. 

Tennis Betting FAQ

How do I know I am making a good bet?

You can never be certain that a certain bet is a good bet. You can always look to statistics to guide you but it is never a sure thing. Something that you think is a good bet might not be once the match is over.

Can you make money betting on tennis?

You can make money betting on tennis, but it is very hard to do. The majority of tennis bettors, and sports bettors overall for that matter, really struggle to make money while betting on events.

How many sets are in a tennis match?

There are usually three sets per match unless you are in a major in which case it would be five sets.

How do you find value bets in tennis?

To find value bets in tennis you will need to dive deep into the analysis of the statistics surrounding the sport of tennis.

Where can you bet on tennis?

You can bet on tennis anywhere that sports betting is legal and as long as you are of the legal age to bet on the sport.
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