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The English Premier League, or EPL, is one of the most globally-competitive soccer leagues. It was formed from the old first-division tournament in 1992, and, since then, we’ve experienced exciting, end-to-end EPL matches each season.

The tournament consists of 20 English teams, with the top four automatically qualifying for the Champions League. The fifth- and sixth-place teams qualify for the Europa League. In contrast, the seventh-placed team goes to the UEFA Conference League.

The bottom three teams get relegated to lower competition at the end of the season. There’s a lot to fight for throughout the regular season, so it’s a perfect choice for goal-spread betting.

The Premier League has seen the top six teams dominate the top half for a long time. Teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Tottenham have always been the favorites.

Usually, the other 14 teams battle for the mid-table and safety positions, so avoiding relegation is their focus. It’s a factor whenever the sportsbooks set the goal-spread line. It’s very rare to see a top-six team as a wagering underdog against another club in the league.

However, when teams go through rough patches and losing streaks, it may cause a change in order. Hence, understanding how the teams perform every match week can help see why a particular spread was given.


Premier League Betting Explained

When betting on EPL point spreads, there is a favorite and an underdog in each match. The favorite has goals removed from their total at the end of a match, or the underdog has goals added to their total. At the end of each match, the team with the highest goal total -after that handicap is applied- is the winner in the spread market.

Spreads are set based on the perceived gap in talent between each side for each Premier League match. The bigger the spread between each team, the bigger the gap in the moneyline prices between each team. Of course, there are plenty of upsets in soccer, and it is worth mentioning that not all favorites win and cover the spread.

How To Bet on EPL

Technically, each team in the league wants to win the championship, or at least make it to the group competition of the following season’s UCL. Every team also wants to avoid relegation.

The battles are always fierce, since there’s plenty to fight for, and every point matters in the EPL standings. However, the ability to recruit more excellent players for the Premier League sets the top teams apart, giving them depth and allowing them to compete on each front. Thus, a mid-table or lower-placed team has to work that much harder to topple a top-six squad.

There are many underdog matches because there are many lower teams. In these cases, sportsbooks give the 'dogs a head start, meaning they start the game a few goals ahead, depending on the spread.

For instance, when Man United faces Norwich, the former is considered the favorite, meaning Norwich gets the head start. If they can get a draw or a win, any spread bet on them would be successful. By not getting battered, there’s a chance they would also cover the spread.

Tips, Tricks, & Advice For EPL Betting

EPL betting can be tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the league. Every team is fighting for a spot on the log, which keeps the competitiveness very high. Hence, a few expert tips and tricks follow to help you make informed bets and manage your bankroll.

Check Out The Teams

With the Premier League always consisting of 20 teams, including three new entrants from the lower level, you should take note of each club. Check their previous performance, the top performers, and the underdogs that are capable of winning.

Once you know more about the teams, figure which team to back for a particular match. You will be familiar with their players and style, seeing if it would work against a current opponent.

Focus On Specific Games

Rather than bet randomly, focus on certain pairings to be sure of how both teams are looking to play against one another. Also, you would not have to stretch yourself too thin learning about many players. You can always narrow it down to the stars.

In addition, whenever a team is missing their star(s), a bettor can tell how much of a negative impact it can have on its performance. You wouldn’t have to worry too much about which way to go, especially if it’s a match between teams that rely on a particular formation.

Understanding Trends

The Premier League is not short on trends, especially when it comes to rivalries and derbies. Know the rivalries, along with current trends of a particular team against the spread.

You also need to add context to the trends, and find answers to important questions. For example, how many games has a particular team won on that pitch? What type of teams did they face? Were they easy matches? Answers to these questions would give you a context from which to view the trends and to see whether they would work against the current spread.

Take Note Of Players

Players of each team are essential to wins and losses, period. Know the top performers whenever you want to bet on the spread. You also have to follow the latest news to get insight into the team sheet and available squad.

You want to know if the top EPL players would be available, if the team would rely on a single player or even on one of the lesser-knowns. Also, you should see how a player fits into the coach’s tactics; that way, you can make informed bets.

Know When To Stop

There are periods when you experience bad bets and losing streaks. Whenever this happens, you need to step back and stop betting. This way, you can better manage your bankroll.

Furthermore, you should not try to chase your losses. Losing is part of gambling, so whenever you lose, let it go. Focus on your wins.

EPL History

The English Premier League has been around since 1992, when it replaced the Football League First Division as top-flight in English soccer. Since then, it has become the biggest soccer club league in the world, attracting talent from around the globe and an audience that covers every continent. The lucrative stature of being a Premier League club has afforded every team a chance to bring in talented players, making the depth of talent in the Premier League superior to that of every other domestic league.

The Premier League consists of 20 teams each season, including some of the biggest clubs in the sport such as Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City. Each year, the three bottom teams in the league are relegated to the second division, with the top-three second division teams called up to replace them. This creates competition all season long, even for the worst teams in the Premier League.


The English Premier League is very competitive. Though the top teams have been dominating for a while, they drop points to the underdogs. Hence, there’s a better strategy than simply backing the top clubs each time. Always be vigilant and careful with your bets.

English Premier League faqs

Is Premier League betting legal?

Yes, Premier League betting is legal in many states at this point in time. The legal status of sports betting varies on a state-by-state basis, though, and bettors should familiarize themselves with their state’s laws.

Can I bet in-play?

Many sports betting sites do offer live in-play betting on the Premier League and other sports, yes.

Who are the best teams in the Premier League?

The best teams in the Premier League right now are Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool in no particular order.
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