Ligue 1 Player Stats

The easiest French Ligue 1 player stats to understand are basic statistics like goals, assists and saves. It’s worth noting that an assist is only given to the player who passes the ball immediately preceding a goal. This doesn’t mean Ligue 1 standings or the Ligue 1 schedule are not that important, but still…



Understanding Ligue 1 Player Stats

At the end of the Ligue 1 season, the player who scores the most goals in the league is the Golden Boot winner. Ligue 1 betting can be impacted heavily by penalties, so it’s crucial to know which players in the race are typical PK takers for their teams. The player voted to be the best player in a given Ligue 1 season is awarded Player of the Year.

While goals, assists, and saves are important, there are a lot more stats that are relevant for soccer betting. Perhaps looking at only open play goals and conversion percentage is a better measure of a striker’s productivity than solely goals. Midfielders are often judged on dribbles completed, pass completion percentage, and chances created. Meanwhile, goalkeepers are often at the mercy of their defense, so it might be useful to research goals conceded minus expected goals conceded to better understand their impact. 

For betting on Ligue 1, it’s often helpful to know the players who are suspended and injured heading into each matchweek. Point spreads consider player absences among a myriad of other factors. 

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