Tennis Schedules

Understanding the Tennis Schedule

Tennis is played year-round, and both the ATP Tour (men’s) and WTA Tour (women’s) run from January until December. You can bet on tennis at any time. Each of the four major tournaments will have outright tennis odds available year-round, while the rest of the tournaments will open with lines closer to the event. 

Main Events for the 2022 Season 

Every tennis tournament is noteworthy. However, there are different tiers of tournaments: Grand Slams, Finals, Masters 1000, 500, and 250 in this order. There are also team events. The most prestigious are the four Grand Slam tournaments: 

The Finals are played as the last tournament of the season and involve the top eight players from the ATP and the WTA. The Masters 1000 are the next-most coveted set of tournaments, while the 500 and 250 are lower-tier events that still hold plenty of weight. 

Each level of event rewards points to winners, with the largest being the Grand Slams, followed by the Masters 1000 and so on. Certain 1000 and 500 events are mandatory for top-ranked players to enter.    

3 Tips Before Betting tennis

Tennis schedule betting is relatively straightforward. There are two main avenues to betting; either betting on the outright winner of the tournament or on each match. Match betting can have its own “point spread” that allows you to bet on a player to “cover” a number of sets.

Keep These Tips in Mind Before Wagering:

  1. Research the surface. There are three main surfaces for tennis courts, hard court, clay, and grass. Players can specialize on certain surfaces, while others are strong all-around.
  2. Focus on the betting odds more than the player’s name. Household names like Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams can be overestimated on the betting lines. Figure out if their winning probability is accurately represented.
  3. Pay attention to the players’ psyche. Much of tennis is all about desire. If a player has issues focusing or staying motivated, it may be best to fade them, regardless of their talent.
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