NFL Divisional Odds

The NFL divisional races are always interesting to keep track of. All division winners get a guaranteed spot in the NFL Playoffs, which is why bettors keep an eye on the NFL Divisional odds. These change frequently depending on how the teams are performing and on how the public feels about them. The odds to win the NFL division are kept on this page so keep it bookmarked!

2022-23 NFL Divisional Odds

Like most things betting, NFL Divisional odds manifest on the moneyline as positive or negative numbers. The positive number indicates how much you win when wagering $100 so “+500”, for example, means you win $500 if you wager $100. A negative number indicates how much you need to wager to win $100. For instance, “-300” means you need to stake $300 to win $100.

NFL Divisional Betting Example

NFL Divisional odds change as the season progresses. Take for example the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021. This team opened at a whopping -275 to win the division. A $275 wager would have been needed to win $100.

NFL Divisional Odds Example

Kansas City Chiefs-275

After struggling for the first part of the season, their odds lengthened to +210 in Week 8. That same $275 wager would have returned $577.50 if bet with these odds.

Pay close attention to how the NFL divisional odds keep changing and you may find a team worth betting on.

NFL Divisional Odds FAQS

Which Are the Divisions in the NFL Divisional Race?

The divisions include the NFC West, NFC North, NFC East, NFC South, AFC East, AFC West, AFC North and AFC South. The outcomes of these races are very popular for future bets.
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