NFL Divisional Odds

The NFL divisional races are always interesting to keep track of. All division winners get a guaranteed spot in the NFL Playoffs, which is why bettors keep an eye on the NFL Divisional odds. These change frequently depending on how the teams are performing, and how the public feels about them. Odds to win the NFL division are kept on this page so keep it bookmarked

2022-23 NFL Divisional Odds

Like most things betting, NFL Divisional odds manifest on the moneyline as positive or negative numbers. The positive number indicates how much you win when wagering $100 so “+500”, for example, means you win $500 if you wager $100. A negative number indicates how much you need to wager to win $100. For instance, “-300” means you need to stake $300 to win $100.

AFC Teams Odds to Win Divisional:

AFC East

The AFC East has historically been dominated by one team. The New England Patriots ruled this division for 20 seasons, although the Buffalo Bills -especially recently- have also been a powerhouse.

Rot Odds to win AFC East Moneyline
101 Buffalo Bills     -225
102 New England Patriots     +2800
103 Miami Dolphins     +225
104 New York Jets     +1400
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.

AFC North

This division is like a revolving door when it comes to division champions. Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cincinnati have all taken turns winning. The Browns have traditionally been doormats, but could turn into a sleeper once in a while.

Rot Odds to win AFC North Moneyline
201 Baltimore Ravens     -250
202 Cincinnati Bengals     +200
203 Cleveland Browns     +3000
204 Pittsburgh Steelers     +5000
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.

AFC South

Usually seen as the weakest of the AFC divisions, the AFC South was once the Indianapolis Colts’ division to lose. But resurgence from the other three teams has made this one hard to bet on, as their NFL divisional round schedule could make a mess of things.

Rot Odds to win AFC South Moneyline
301 Tennessee Titans     -850
302 Indianapolis Colts     +3000
303 Jacksonville Jaguars     +600
304 Houston Texans     +100000
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.

AFC West

Opposite of the South, the AFC West tends to be one of the stronger AFC divisions. The Kansas City Chiefs have been the cream of the crop, although Denver has also won its fair share of titles in recent seasons.

Rot Odds to win AFC West Moneyline
401 Kansas City Chiefs     -10000
402 Los Angeles Chargers     +1400
403 Denver Broncos     +50000
404 Las Vegas Raiders     +10000
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.

NFC Teams Odds to Win Divisional:

NFC East

The NFC East is one of the more popular divisions thanks to housing big teams like the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. Dallas has been the most successful one at winning this division in recent seasons, although the odds could be all over the place.

Rot Odds to win NFC East Moneyline
501 Dallas Cowboys     +265
502 Philadelphia Eagles     -375
503 Washington Commanders     +5000
504 New York Giants     +6000
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.

NFC North

This has traditionally been the Green Bay Packers’ territory. You will find NFL Divisional odds strongly favoring them and if not, it’s likely Minnesota or even Chicago. The poor Detroit Lions are constantly the laughing stock.

Rot Odds to win NFC South Moneyline
701 Tampa Bay Buccaneers     -350
702 New Orleans Saints     +900
703 Carolina Panthers     +1200
704 Atlanta Falcons     +600
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.

NFC South

The NFC South is usually a competitive division and has seen all four teams win the title in the last decade. This division also tends to produce Super Bowl contenders, with Tampa Bay being a recent juggernaut.

Rot Odds to win NFC West Moneyline
801 Los Angeles Rams     +25000
802 San Francisco 49ers     -600
803 Arizona Cardinals     +10000
804 Seattle Seahawks     +400
2022/2023 winner. All wagers have action.

NFC West

As far as chaotic divisions go, the NFC West is one of them. All four teams here have won the division since 2015. Between the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, and San Francisco 49ers, a Super Bowl threat constantly emerges from here.

NFL Divisional Betting Example

NFL Divisional odds change as the season progresses. Take for example the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021. This team opened at a whopping -275 to win the division. A $275 wager would have been needed to win $100.

After struggling for the first part of the season, their odds lengthened to +210 in Week 8. That same $275 wager would have returned $577.50 if bet with these odds.

Pay close attention to how the NFL divisional odds keep changing and you may find a team worth betting on.

NFL Divisional Odds FAQS

Which Are the Divisions in the NFL Divisional Race?

The divisions include the NFC West, NFC North, NFC East, NFC South, AFC East, AFC West, AFC North and AFC South. The outcomes of these races are very popular for future bets.
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