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Boxing Schedule & Events

Boxing events happen all around the calendar. Since the sport is composed of different promotions, there is no clear or predictable schedule for the events; however, main-event fights do get announced months in advance and the cards are built around these.

Check the boxing odds as some become available even before the fight is announced, also be sure to follow the upcoming boxing schedule. 

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3 Tips Before Betting on Boxing Fights

If you bet on boxing, it can be an exercise of parlaying chalky favorites or taking a shot on a big underdog. Boxing is top-heavy from a betting perspective, so keep in mind three things to avoid losing all your marbles:

Bet on the Odds

Bet the odds, not the boxer. It’s easy to “bet the house” on a pound-for-pound boxer, but sometimes the risk you are putting up may not be worth the payout. Many top-ranked boxers are upward of 10-1 as favorites. Convert their lines to win probability and determine if this is a risk you’re willing to take.

Bet on round totals and props.

Boxing does not have point spreads, but you can bet on round totals and props. Sometimes this is a more effective way to get your money’s worth. Instead of betting on a boxer to win, bet on them to win via a certain method or bet on the fight to not go to a decision. These are just some examples of props you can bet.

Set a budget

Budget your bets. Use a “unit” system to measure how much you are betting as opposed to betting random amounts. Stay disciplined.


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