How to bet with cryptocurrency?

How to bet with cryptocurrency?


How to Bet With Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular to get money on and off online sportsbooks. The fact that payments cannot be blocked by a third party, such as a bank, makes them an attractive choice for gamblers. They also offer more anonymity than bank payments, which helps protect your personal information when signing up for an online casino.


People are not only looking to bet with cryptocurrency, they’re looking to bet on it. Many people treat cryptocurrency as a speculative asset and, as such, will bet on whether the price will increase or decrease. In such a volatile market, there’s a lot of money to be made if you can get it right, but you can lose a lot of money if you get it wrong.


Exactly how do you bet with cryptocurrency? We’ll look at what you need to do to start off betting with cryptocurrency.



What is Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrency is a digital, peer-to-peer currency that is maintained and verified by a cryptographic, decentralized system.


In English, this means that it does not require a third party to verify transactions, as transactions are verified by an algorithm that ensures all transactions are valid.



This means that you are free to send your cryptocurrency anywhere and to anyone, with zero risk of a third party -such as a bank- stopping that transaction.



Why Should You Use Cryptocurrency to Gamble?


Cryptocurrency is one of the most secure deposit methods, thanks to the blockchain. The blockchain records every transaction made, so there is a permanent record of every transaction you make to and from the casino.


This means that a casino can’t just take off with your money, as there will always be a digital record of where your money is going.


You also don’t have to worry about exchange rates when betting with crypto, as most sites will let you make your bets in crypto without having to exchange it for a fiat currency.



Cryptocurrency Sports Betting


Sports betting with cryptocurrency is just like regular sports betting; the only thing that changes is your betting currency.


While normally you would deposit to your casino account with your e-wallet, bank account, or debit card, in this case you would have to deposit using your cryptocurrency wallet.


From there, the money will be available in your account, and you are free to bet on any event, just like you would with fiat currency.


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Cryptocurrency Spread Betting



Spread betting on cryptocurrency is a great way to bet on the price of cryptocurrency increasing without actually having to purchase and store the asset.


To engage in cryptocurrency spread betting, you must buy a derivative contract. This derivative contract is tied to the price of your chosen cryptocurrency.


When buying the contract, you must decide what your stake will be. The stake is the amount of money that can be earned or lost for every specified amount of price movement; this is known as a point.


If the cryptocurrency increases by a point, you earn a multiple of your stake
If it decreases by a point, you lose a multiple of that stake. This is called taking a long position.


How to Bet Against Cryptocurrency


If you think a cryptocurrency is going to decrease in value, you can take a short position instead. When taking a short position, you’re betting against the cryptocurrency increasing in value.


This means that the properties of the stake are inverted. At every point the cryptocurrency increases, you lose multiple of your stake. In contrast, for every point the cryptocurrency decreases, you earn a multiple of your stake.


Bear in mind that spread betting is a leveraged trade, so exercise caution when making your bets and always have a stop loss in place.



Tips for Betting with Cryptocurrency


Despite Bitcoin being around since 2008, cryptocurrency sports betting is still relatively new, and only a few online casinos accept it as a payment method.


Scammers look to take advantage of people’s unfamiliarity with crypto, so follow our tips to make sure you stay safe when going for cryptocurrency sports betting.


Only Use Trusted Crypto Sportsbooks: Unfortunately, not every cryptocurrency casino is legit, and some of them are scam sites designed to steal your crypto. Always check the reputation of a sportsbook before you deposit, and check for red flags such as negative reviews, missing terms and conditions, and a lack of a gaming license.
Always Check Your Addresses: When sending cryptocurrency, it’s vitally important that you send it to the correct address. If you send it to the wrong one by mistake, there’s no way to reverse the transaction, and your money will be lost forever.
Know How Much You’re Gambling With: When you gamble with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it’s easy to lose track of how much money you’re betting with as you’re often dealing with tiny fractions of coins. Losing 0.01 bitcoin may not seem too bad, but losing $200 sounds a lot worse!


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    Cryptocurrency Betting Pros and Cons


    We always want to give you as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision about how you bet. While there are a lot of advantages to betting with cryptocurrency, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of.


    Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.




    ◭ Fast Transaction Times – While most banking methods offer instant deposits, withdrawals often take a lot longer. With cryptocurrency, you can make deposits and withdrawals that are processed in minutes.


    ◭ Anonymity and Privacy – Cryptocurrency offers anonymity you can’t get from using established payment methods such as debit cards or e-wallets, as those methods contain your personal details.


    ◭ Store of Value – Large cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, are considered by many people to be stores of value. Despite its volatility, this currency is anti-inflationary and has seen an increase in value in the long term.


    ◭ Secure Transactions – Cryptocurrency transactions are incredibly secure. By design, the transactions cannot be tampered with by a third party, there is permanent proof of each transaction, and the sender cannot reverse transactions once they have been processed.




    ◮ Location Restrictions – Not all jurisdictions allow cryptocurrency betting and have banned operators from accepting it.


    ◮ Precision Required When Moving Crypto – When you’re sending cryptocurrency to your sportsbook, it is vital that you type in the address correctly. It’s easy to make a mistake, and if you send crypto to the wrong address, there’s no way of getting it back.


    ◮ Large Volatility Levels – If you’re betting on the price of a crypto asset increasing or decreasing, it can be easy to lose money thanks to the volatility of the market.



    Cryptocurrency Sports Betting – FAQ


    1. Can You Bet Cryptocurrency on Sports?

    You can use cryptocurrency to bet on any sporting event as long as the sportsbook allows cryptocurrency deposits.

    2. How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Sports Betting?

    You can buy cryptocurrency in several ways: you can purchase it from an exchange site like Binance or Coinbase, you can buy it from a Bitcoin ATM, you can buy it directly within a crypto wallet, or you can buy it from another person like you would with fiat currency.

    3. Is It Legal to Use Cryptocurrency for Sports Betting?

    Different countries and states have different laws on cryptocurrency sports betting. Some jurisdictions allow it, but some have banned it. You should always check your local laws before using cryptocurrency to bet.

    4. How Can I Bet on Cryptocurrency Going Up or Down in Price?

    You can bet on the price change of a cryptocurrency by buying a derivatives contract. If you think the cryptocurrency will increase in price, you can take a long position that rewards you the more the price increases, but if you think it will decrease in value, you can take a short position that rewards you the more the price decreases.

    5. How Do I Deposit to a Sportsbook With Crypto?

    If your sportsbook accepts crypto, they will generate a wallet address for you to send the cryptocurrency to. Once you have sent the cryptocurrency to that wallet, you can use it to gamble on their site.

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