La Liga Schedules


Understanding the La Liga Schedule

La Liga is the most prominent soccer league in Spain. In La Liga, each of the 20 teams play 38 games from August to May and play each other team twice. If you’d like to bet on La Liga, you should be aware that matches are typically on Saturdays and Sundays but there are sometimes weekday games.

The league plays a round-robin, home and away, and point spreads will reflect whether a team is at home or on the road. La Liga has a handful of FIFA International breaks throughout the season and a short break around Christmastime each year.

While La Liga is the main competition for teams in the league, there are also concurrent European and domestic cup competitions. While cup competitions feature knockout rounds and championship games, that’s not the case in La Liga. The team at the top of the table at the end of the season is league champion.

The schedule is subject to change, which prevents La Liga odds from being released too early. For instance, if a team progresses in the Copa del Rey that match may be played on the weekend, causing a La Liga match to be pushed to a weekday. A Thursday Europa League game can often push a La Liga game from a Saturday to a Sunday as well.

While the La Liga season is 38 games, teams who make runs in cup competitions can end up playing upwards of 60 matches per season. That means coaches often rotate their squads and starting lineups may be different from game-to-game. The odds will take matchup history, injuries, form, suspensions and rest days into account.

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