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F1 2023 Schedule & Race Calendar

Formula 1 Race Schedule 2023

Formula One or “F1” is the highest end of international racing for open-wheel single-seater formula racing cars. The F1 schedule is carefully planned to provide an exciting and competitive season for both drivers and fans.

This consists of a series of races known as Grands Prix, which take place in different tracks across the world. The F1 season is known as the FIA Formula One World Championship is composed of 23 races from late March until November. The current version started with the Bahrain Grand Prix and concludes with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

F1 Race Venues:

The Formula 1 races take place at various circuits around the world, including both traditional and newer tracks. Examples of well-known circuits on the 2023 calendar include Silverstone, Suzuka, Monaco, and Monza, among others

Double-Headers and Triple-Headers:

To accommodate the growing number of races and maximize the motorsports racing calendar, double-headers and triple-headers are sometimes scheduled.

A double-header refers to back-to-back races held on successive weekends, while a triple-header involves three consecutive races, with venues grouped together by location whenever possible

Flyaway Races:

Formula 1 is a global championship, and races held outside of Europe are often referred to as “flyaway races.”

These events require air travel for the teams and equipment since they are held in different continents or across seas. Supplementary equipment may be sent by sea months in advance to support these races.

Governing Body:

Formula 1 is governed by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), a non-profit organization that ensures the safety of participants, promotes fair play, and makes rule changes as necessary. The FIA collaborates with the Formula One Group to manage and organize the championship

Formula 1 Calendar Betting Tips

The Formula 1 schedule is dynamic and subject to changes and updates from year to year, taking into account factors such as agreements with race organizers, logistical considerations, and global events. It provides a thrilling and globally renowned motorsport spectacle for fans and enthusiasts around the world.

F1 odds are available as outright bets: This is when you bet on which driver or constructor you believe will win the grand prix. The constructor is the team the driver belongs to such as Ferrari or Mercedes. 

Betting on F1 can be straightforward but also tricky. For the past few seasons, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, or any superstar and team, dominated and made odds top-heavy. 

It can be profitable to bet on multiple drivers; there is just one winner, but depending on the odds, you can bet on more than one winner and still walk away with a profit.

Calculate the current Formula 1 odds based on their implied probability and determine which drivers and/or constructors are worth your bet.

The favorites do not always win the races; plenty of things happen on the track such as accidents or cars breaking down that will take out the top dogs. Even the greatest racers do not win every Grand Prix. 

Check the weather before the race; weather can play a large role in how the grand prix will turn out. Learn how each racer and constructor performs under certain conditions and how the tracks look.

F1 Schedule & Formula 1 Calendar FAQs

How many races are on the Formula 1 calendar?

The current Formula 1 calendar features a record-breaking number of 23 races

What are double-headers and triple-headers in Formula 1?

Double-headers and triple-headers refer to consecutive races scheduled on successive weekends or in a row. They were introduced to accommodate the expanding calendar and increase the number of races within the 52-week year

Are there any new races on the 2023 Formula 1 calendar?

Yes, the 2023 season introduces the Las Vegas Grand Prix as a new race on the calendar, which will take place on November 18

Is the Chinese Grand Prix included in the 2023 Formula 1 calendar?

No, the 2023 Chinese Grand Prix, originally scheduled for April, will not take place due to ongoing difficulties presented by the COVID-19 situation.

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