MLB Standings

This table of MLB standings is sortable, which defaults to standings by division. However, you can see the wild-card race, expanded to three teams. Both the American League (AL) and National League (NL) standings are listed.


MLB Standings Explained

All MLB standings are also the MLB playoffs standings, offering a glimpse of teams in the race to the postseason. The end of the season (or at least close to it) finds teams clinching playoff spots or division titles. Check the team name in the standings for such references.  

Standings also include how teams fare home/away, their current streak, and their record in the last 10 games. These will affect teams’ odds for a given game, including run lines and moneylines.   

MLB Season Explained  

In MLB, there’s a game nearly every day in a 162-game regular season, but before this all teams have preseason MLB standings. There are rarely doubleheaders -teams playing one another twice in one day- but that’s become more of an oddity than an occurrence. Games are generally played in the evening, though afternoon games are not uncommon. 

In each league, winners of the three divisions automatically qualify for the postseason, regardless of their record. The other three playoff spots are decided by the win-loss records of the next three teams, which appear in the MLB scores and standings. 

It’s the top two seeds in each league automatically advancing to a divisional round, while the lowest-seeded (by record) division champ and three wild-card teams play a best-of-three round. There, the higher-seed team would host each game. 

Everything culminates with the World Series, where the winner of the AL and NL oppose one another in a best-of-seven competition. This occurs in mid-to-late October.

MLB (Non-World Series) Major Events of the Season 

The MLB usually conducts the All-Star Game (at a predetermined venue) every July, and the popular Home Run Derby is typically scheduled (same place) the previous day.  

Field of Dreams is a relatively-new game the MLB is playing, inspired by the 1989 film of the same name. Traditionally taking place in August at Dyersville, Iowa (again referencing the movie,) it takes place on the same month as the Little League Classic in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 

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