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2023-24 Coppa Italia Odds

The Coppa Italia is a prestigious cup competition in Italian football, featuring teams from various leagues competing for the title. Stay updated on the Coppa Italia odds here at PointSpreads.

Keep track of the Coppa Italia games schedule as top Italian clubs like Juventus, Milan, Inter, and Roma vie for the trophy. The exciting Coppa Italia final will determine the champion and provide a spot in the UEFA Europa League.

Odds To Win Coppa Italia 2024

*last updated: 01/30/24
Juventus FC+135
SS Lazio+225
Atalanta BC+300
ACF Fiorentina+450

Understanding Italian Cup Betting Odds

How Are Coppa Italia Odds Calculated?

Coppa Italia odds are calculated based on several factors that give insights into the potential outcomes of matches. Here are key aspects considered when determining Coppa Italia odds:

Coppa Italia Betting Tips

Coppa Italia Standings

Bookmakers analyze the teams' current performance in the competition, taking into account factors like form, injuries, and head-to-head results.

Italian Team Strengths:

Factors such as team form, injury reports, player suspensions, and tactical approaches are evaluated to gauge the potential success of each team in the Coppa Italia.

Head-to-Head Results:

Past encounters between teams can influence odds. A team with a history of dominating a specific opponent might have more favorable odds, while closely-matched teams may have tighter odds.

Home Advantage:

Playing at home can significantly impact a team's performance, and bookmakers consider home advantage when determining odds.

External Influences:

Unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions, pitch quality, and team morale can also impact the odds.

Consider Multiple Betting Markets:

Understanding how Coppa Italia odds are calculated can help bettors make informed decisions and explore various betting markets for a well-rounded strategy.

Coppa Italia Rounds Explained:

The Coppa Italia features a knockout format, where teams are eliminated if they lose a match. The rounds in the Coppa Italia are as follows:

The first round typically includes lower-ranked teams and those from Serie C, Serie D, and amateur divisions. They compete against each other for a place in the next round.

In the second round, Serie B teams enter the competition. They join the winners from the previous round to compete for a spot in the next stage.

The round of 16 is where the top Serie A teams join the competition. These are the highest-ranked clubs in Italian football, and their entry marks a significant stage in the tournament. The remaining teams from lower divisions face off against Serie A sides, creating exciting matchups.

After the round of 16, eight teams remain in the competition. They compete in the quarter-finals, aiming to secure a spot in the semi-finals. The matches at this stage are crucial as the tournament approaches its climax.

The semi-finals feature four teams that have successfully navigated their way through the earlier rounds. The winners of the semi-final matches advance to the final, getting one step closer to lifting the Coppa Italia trophy.

The final is the culminating match of the Coppa Italia. It determines the champion of the tournament for that particular season.

The two remaining teams face each other to claim the trophy. The final is usually held at a designated stadium in Italy and draws significant attention from fans and football enthusiasts.

It’s important to note that all rounds of the Coppa Italia are played in a single-match format. If a match ends in a draw after regular time, extra time is played. If the match is still undecided after extra time, a penalty shootout is used to determine the winner.

Each round presents an opportunity for teams to progress further in the competition and potentially cause upsets against higher-ranked opponents. The knockout nature of the tournament adds excitement and unpredictability to the Coppa Italia.

2022-23 Coppa Italia Schedule

About Coppa Italia

The Coppa Italia is the premier cup competition in Italian football, open to professional and amateur clubs. It follows a single-elimination format with multiple rounds, and the winner of each match advances to the next stage. Extra time and penalty kicks are used to determine the winner if a match is drawn.

The champion of the Coppa Italia earns a qualification spot in the group stage of the following season’s UEFA Europa League. The final match is typically held at a designated stadium in Italy.

All clubs from the top four tiers of Italian football (Serie A, Serie B, Serie C, and Serie D) are automatically entered into the competition, along with teams from lower leagues. The tournament structure allows for the possibility of upsets and surprises as lower-ranked teams have the chance to compete against established clubs.

The Coppa Italia, with its rich history since the 1920s, is one of Italy’s most prestigious domestic cup competitions. It attracts fans and clubs from across Italy and Europe, offering teams the chance to compete for the trophy and secure a spot in European tournaments like the UEFA Europa League. The final match is highly important, as it determines the Italian champion and carries the potential for European success.

All-Time Records

Coppa Italia Past Winners 
SeasonWinning teamRunner-up
2022-2023Inter MilanACF Fiorentina
2021-2022Inter MilanJuventus
2017-2018JuventusAC Milan
2015-2016JuventusAC Milan

Coppa Italia FAQs

What is the Coppa Italia?

The Coppa Italia, also known as the Italian Cup, is a domestic knockout cup competition in Italian football. It involves teams from various divisions of Italian football, including Serie A, Serie B, Serie C, and non-professional leagues. The tournament is organized by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and has been held annually since the 1922-1923 season.

When did the first Coppa Italia take place?

The first edition of the Coppa Italia took place in the 1922-1923 season. The tournament was initially called the “National Challenge Cup” and involved 16 teams. Vado was crowned as the inaugural champions after defeating Udinese in the final.

What is the biggest win in Coppa Italia finals?

The biggest win in Coppa Italia finals occurred in the 1938-1939 season. In the final match, A.S. Roma defeated Alba Roma with a remarkable scoreline of 7-1. This victory remains the largest margin of victory in the history of the Coppa Italia finals.

What is the format of the Coppa Italia?

The Coppa Italia follows a knockout format. The tournament begins with a preliminary round involving teams from the lower divisions. The winners of the preliminary round join the teams from Serie C in the first round. Serie B teams enter the competition in the second round, while Serie A teams join in the third round. The tournament progresses through single-elimination rounds until the final. If a match ends in a draw after regular time, extra time and a penalty shootout may be used to determine the winner.

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