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The Saudi Pro League Club: A Cup Runneth Over

The Saudi Pro League, officially known as the Roshn Saudi League for sponsorship reasons, is the premier professional soccer league in Saudi Arabia. Governed by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, this Saudi Arabia league represents the pinnacle of soccer in the country, featuring 18 teams all seeking to get involved in the best European tournaments.

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Saudi Arabia league History

Soccer in Saudi Arabia has evolved significantly since its formal organization began in the 1950s. The national league officially started in 1976 with just eight teams, marking the birth of professional soccer in the kingdom.

Past Champions

Al-Hilal is the most decorated club in the league’s history with 18 titles, closely followed by Al-Ittihad and Al-Nassr. The competition has been fierce throughout the years, with these clubs frequently vying for top honors, contributing to an intense and dynamic championship race.

Over the years, the league has seen several formats, including a most noteworthy period from 1990 when the league merged with the King’s Cup into a single tournament, incorporating a “Golden Box” playoff system.

This system was replaced in 2007 with the current round-robin format.

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Current Saudi Pro League Format

The Saudi Pro League operates on a double round-robin system, where each team plays 34 matches across the home and away seasons. The teams compete for points, with victories earning three points and draws providing one, ready to rewrite those scores and odds for the bettors!

At the end of the season, team rankings and Saudi Pro League odds are determined by total points, goal difference, and head-to-head records. The bottom three teams are relegated to the Saudi First Division League, while the top teams qualify for prestigious international competitions like the AFC Champions League.

Summary of the 2024 Saudi League Standings

The 2023-24 season is underway with clubs vigorously competing across several matchdays. Al-Ittihad, the current champions, are looking to defend their title against strong challenges from both traditional powerhouses and rising teams.

The 2024 season sees a continuation of the league’s strong competitive spirit with clubs like Al-Hilal, Al-Ittihad, Al-Nassr, and Al-Ahli leading the pack. These Saudi Pro teams, along with others such as Al-Shabab and Al-Ettifaq, make up a robust lineup determined to claim the prestigious title, along with their Saudi Pro League stats.

As the Saudi Pro League season progresses, the standings after 28 matches show significant gaps between the top performers and those struggling at the bottom:

  • Al Hilal dominates the league with 25 wins and 2 draws, remaining undefeated. Their impressive goal difference (+66) from 83 goals scored and only 17 conceded places them comfortably at the top with 77 points.
  • Al Nassr follows, with 22 wins and 4 losses, scoring as many goals as Al Hilal but with a slightly weaker defense (35 goals conceded). They have 68 points and a +48 goal difference.
  • Al Ahli holds third place, with 15 wins, 7 draws, and 5 losses, totaling 52 points and a +25 goal difference. They have managed to balance their offensive and defensive efforts well, scoring 53 and conceding 28 goals.
  • Al Ittihad is close behind in fourth, with 50 points from 15 wins, 5 draws, and 8 losses. Their goal difference stands at +17, having scored 54 and conceded 37 goals.
  • Al Taawoun rounds out the top five with 48 points. They have won 13 matches, drawn 9, and lost 6, showing solid defensive capabilities with only 31 goals conceded.
  • 6-7. Al Fateh and Al Ettifaq are tied at 40 points but differ slightly in their win-draw-loss record and goal difference, with Al Fateh showing a more offensive style compared to Al Ettifaq’s defensive approach.
  • Dhamk sits in the middle of the table with 38 points, securing 10 wins, 8 draws, and 10 losses. They have a modest goal difference of +6.
  • Al Khaleej, Al Fayha, and Al Shabab are all tied at 35 points, demonstrating close competition in the mid-table region. Goal differences vary, impacting their rank slightly.
  • Al Wehda, with 32 points from 9 wins, 5 draws, and 14 losses, finds themselves struggling with a slightly negative goal difference of -6.
  • Al Raed is not far behind, having gathered 30 points but with a -7 goal difference.
  • Al Tae is near the relegation zone with 26 points and a concerning goal difference of -27.
  • 15-16. Riyadh SC and Abha are neck and neck at 25 points, but Riyadh SC holds a slight edge in goal difference, despite both teams facing potential relegation threats.
  • Al Akhdoud, with 24 points, is in serious danger of relegation, given their -24 goal difference and more losses than wins.
  • Al Hazem anchors the table with only 16 points from 2 wins, 10 draws, and 16 losses, having the worst goal difference of -41, signaling major difficulties throughout the season.

The league shows a sharp competition at both ends of the table, with clear leaders and several teams fighting to avoid relegation as the season heads towards its conclusion, warding off negative soccer predictions or falling into the UEFA news wagon.

The season has also been marked by exceptional performances from newly signed international players, who have quickly become fan favorites due to their impactful play and star power.

Saudi Pro League All Time Winners

SeasonChampionRunners Up

Summary of Top Players in the Saudi Pro League

The league has become a beacon for international stars, especially following the influx of high-profile players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema in 2023. These additions have elevated the quality of play and brought global attention to the league as a competitive, lucrative destination for top soccer talent.

This is a snapshot of the top  25 Saudi Pro League players based on their current market values (estimated at the time of this edition):

  • Neymar (Brazil, Al-Hilal SFC) – The left winger leads with a market value of €45.00 million.
  • Rúben Neves (Portugal, Al-Hilal SFC) – The defensive midfielder follows closely at €40.00 million.
  • Fabinho (Brazil, Al-Ittihad Club) – The defensive midfielder is valued at €35.00 million.
  • Sergej Milinković-Savić (Serbia/Spain, Al-Hilal SFC) – Also valued at €35.00 million, the Serbian plays central midfield.
  • Gabri Veiga (Spain, Al-Ahli SFC) – The young central midfielder is marked at €30.00 million.
  • Malcom (Brazil/Russia, Al-Hilal SFC) – The right winger also holds a value of €30.00 million.
  • Otávio (Portugal/Brazil, Al-Nassr FC) – The attacking midfielder is similarly priced at €30.00 million.
  • Aleksandar Mitrovic (Serbia, Al-Hilal SFC) – The center-forward has a market value of €28.00 million.
  • Aymeric Laporte (Spain/France, Al-Nassr FC) – Valued at €25.00 million, the Spaniard plays as a center-back.
  • Roger Ibañez (Brazil/Italy, Al-Ahli SFC) – Another center-back, also valued at €25.00 million.
  • Renan Lodi and Allan Saint-Maximin, each valued at €20.00 million, showing the league’s attraction for versatile talents.
  • Sadio Mané (Senegal, Al-Nassr FC) and Franck Kessié (Cote d’Ivoire/Italy, Al-Ahli SFC) both also have a market value of €20.00 million.

This list not only shows up the financial investment made in order to bring top talent to the Saudi Pro League but also the league’s successful draw for international soccer stars. These players are there to enhance its global appeal. And the money making, of course.

The 2024 Saudi Pro League remains a pivotal platform in the world of international soccer, with the power to acquire some of the best talents in the world to make up the most noteworthy teams in the Middle East. Don’t forget you can get the Saudi Pro League schedules here at PS for your betting benefit!

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