Super Bowl LVII

The NFL Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in North America and is also one of the most popular to bet on as the countless Super Bowl odds markets will show. Super Bowl odds are available almost all year. As early as the next day after the “Big Game”, you can bet on the Super Bowl for next year.

Heading into the 2023 SuperBowl

The Super Bowl was first played in 1967 known officially as the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” The game featured the Kansas City Chiefs, the AFL Champions against the Green Bay Packers, the NFL Champions, to decide the ultimate champion of American football. Vince Lombardi’s Packers won and since then, this annual championship takes place only once a year: usually in early February or late January.

Check out the latest and more relevant news related to this year’s Super Bowl.

February 13, 2022

NFC's Los Angeles Rams met the AFC's Cincinnati Bengals to celebrate the Super Bowl LVI. Rams had all the odd to win, and were the Super Bowl favorites. Rams won this championship with Matthew Stafford on the lead and Cooper Kupp by his side.

March 8, 2022

Aaron Rodgers returns to the Green Bay Packers and their changes and odds of winning this year's Super Bowl has increased. Russell Wilson signed in with the Denver Broncos and their odds highly improved.

March 13, 2022

Tom Brady announced he will be returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their QB, after calling out his retirement.

March 21, 2022

Matt Ryan is replacing Carson Wentz, leaving the Atlanta Falcons and moving into Indianapolis with the Colts. This increased the odds in favor of the Colts

April 27, 2022

The NFL Draft had a lot of surprises with new adquisionts for every team. The odds for a team winning the SuperBowl continues to vary.

Super Bowl LVII Odds & Predictions

How to read Super Bowl Odds & Spreads

Super Bowl spreads usually manifest as a negative number like -300 or a plus number like +500. These are “American odds” and indicate what you need to bet to win $100 in the case of negative numbers ($300 to win $100 for -300) or what you win when you bet $100 ($500 from a $100 bet for +500). 

Additionally, “decimal” and “fractional” odds are two other formats you can use. Decimal odds indicate your total payout (your bet + your winnings) while fractional odds will show how much you win with the numerator (first number to the left) with the bet you place with the denominator (second number to the right). 

These Super Bowl point spreads allow you to bet on who you think will win it next year. As this is such a long-term projection, expect the betting lines to shift as the year progresses. Keep track of the teams to estimate when the best times to bet on them are.

Rot Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII Moneyline
101 Buffalo Bills     +650
102 Tampa Bay Buccaneers     +750
103 Kansas City Chiefs     +900
104 Los Angeles Rams     +1100
105 Green Bay Packers     +1200
106 Los Angeles Chargers     +1400
107 San Francisco 49ers     +1600
108 Denver Broncos     +1600
109 Dallas Cowboys     +2000
110 Cleveland Browns     +2500
111 Baltimore Ravens     +2000
112 Cincinnati Bengals     +2000
113 Indianapolis Colts     +2500
114 Arizona Cardinals     +2800
115 Tennessee Titans     +3000
116 Miami Dolphins     +3000
117 Philadelphia Eagles     +3000
118 Las Vegas Raiders     +3000
119 New Orleans Saints     +4000
120 New England Patriots     +4000
121 Minnesota Vikings     +4000
122 Pittsburgh Steelers     +6000
123 Washington Commanders     +8000
124 Chicago Bears     +12500
125 Seattle Seahawks     +12500
126 New York Giants     +12500
127 Atlanta Falcons     +15000
128 Carolina Panthers     +15000
129 Detroit Lions     +15000
130 Jacksonville Jaguars     +15000
131 New York Jets     +15000
132 Houston Texans     +25000
All wagers have action.

Super Bowl Tips Before Betting

Track the Super Bowl odds through the sportsbook. You will notice the lines shift throughout the season. For example, the Buffalo Bills open as the Super Bowl LVII favorites in the preseason. But after a few losses, the Bills’ odds lengthen making them a more lucrative bet. You can bet them twice or wait longer to see how the market reacts. 

Betting example

Betting on the Super Bowl game is like betting on every NFL game. You have your point spread, moneyline, and total (over/under) along with props. For the Super Bowl, props are ridiculous in number and you can bet on football-related plays like a quarterback’s passing yards or non-football things like the color of the national anthem singer’s dress. 

As far as outright or futures bets are concerned, betting on more than one team is usually the way to go. Thanks to the parity in the NFL, a handful of teams are lined in the +500 to +900 range to win. Placing a bet on one, two, or even three can increase your odds of winning. 

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