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Understanding the NFL Schedule

The NFL schedule is a complex system that ensures that all football teams play each other at least once every four years while taking into account various factors such as bye weeks and travel.

To understand the NFL schedule correctly, it’s essential to know that each team plays six games within its division, four games against another division in its conference, four games against another division in the opposite conference, and two games against teams from the same conference that finished in the same position in the previous season. 

This means that there are 256 regular-season games played over 17 weeks, culminating in the Super Bowl.

Flexible scheduling is another key factor to understand when it comes to the NFL schedule. This system allows for the best late-season matchups to be showcased to the largest audiences. The games that are scheduled in football weeks 11-18 can be flexed to ensure that the most exciting games are aired in primetime slots. In addition, each team is given one bye week during the season, which allows for rest and recovery.

The NFL regular season starts in September and runs until the mid-January playoffs, culminating in the Super Bowl in February. Compared to other major professional leagues, the NFL season is short and features fewer games. For this reason, and the overall popularity of the league, each game brings significant handle to the sportsbook.

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Tips Before Betting on the NFL

We can give you an endless list of tips for NFL betting, but keep these three in mind above all else:


Look at the odds and the numbers before the teams. For starters, this includes checking out the moneyline, the point spreads and the totals. 


Most NFL teams play outdoors and many late-season NFL games will be affected by weather conditions. 


This is called “homerism.” As much as possible, avoid wagering on teams for which you have personal feelings.

NFL Calendar FAQs

When is the NFL schedule released?

The NFL schedule is typically released in mid-April, usually before the NFL Draft. Follow to keep up with the release and all the matchups analysis.

How many games are in an NFL schedule?

There are 17 regular season games in an NFL schedule, with each team playing 16 games and having one bye week.

How is the NFL schedule determined?

The NFL schedule is determined by a formula that takes into account the previous year’s standings, with each team playing their division opponents twice and rotating through the remaining teams in their conference and the opposite conference.

When does the NFL season start and end?

The NFL season typically starts in early September and ends in late December or early January, followed by the playoffs and the Super Bowl in early February

Can the NFL schedule change during the season?

Yes, the NFL schedule can change during the season due to various reasons, such as weather-related issues, COVID-19 outbreaks, or other unforeseen circumstances.
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