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In UEFA Champions League betting, the teams are of such high quality that the games are naturally more competitive than in other leagues. Look at the factors such as home-field advantage, as the elite-competition games have a mid-week schedule.

Betting on the Champions League against the spread is similar to betting on any other soccer league against the spread. In spread betting, there is a favorite and an underdog in each match, with the favorite having goals subtracted from their score or the underdog having goals added to their score. The team with the higher score after that handicap is applied is the winner for the purposes of the spread market.

Champions League Betting Explained

Champions League Betting Odds & Examples


Champions League betting odds matches can vary greatly depending on which teams are playing in a given UCL match. This is especially true in the group stage, where some of the best clubs in the world face off with many smaller clubs from nations that are not synonymous with soccer success. Odds can also vary based on what betting market is being used.


When betting against the spread, bettors are wagering on which side they think will outscore the other after a handicap is applied to the side they bet on. There is a favorite and underdog in spread betting, where the favorite has goals removed from their score or the underdog has goals added to their score. The bigger the favorite against the spread, the better that team is considered to be than their opponent, which will be reflected in their moneyline prices as well.

For example, the odds for spread betting markets in soccer are typically close to -110 on each side.

How to Bet On Champions League

Thanks to the long list of betting types available in this competition, there are several ways to bet on the Champions League. The eyes of the entire world focus on the Champions League during its match days, which means that bookmakers offer more betting options on that tournament than they do most events.

The most common types of betting markets for the Champions League are spreads, moneylines, and totals. This is true of most sports and leagues, as it is easiest for most bettors to grasp betting on which teams are going to win, their margin of victory, and the amount of scoring that will take place in a match.

Other types of bets for the Champions League include futures bets, where bettors can wager on who they think will win the entire competition ahead of time. There is also the ability to bet on props, where bettors can wager on intricate markets involving individual players’ performances, such as who will score in each match.

Tips, Tricks And Advice For UEFA Champions

When betting on the Champions League, there are a few pieces of advice bettors should take into consideration to maximize their profitability. Chief among them is that bettors must really work hard to familiarize themselves with the teams playing in this competition. It is a lot to ask for bettors to keep an eye on all of the major European leagues and many of the smaller leagues, but doing so can be the difference between winning and losing in the Champions League.

Use Smart Bankroll Management

Bettors should also be sure to be smart with their bankroll while getting involved with the Champions League. This competition can be unpredictable, given that the teams only play against each other occasionally. Not betting too much on each Champions League match is very important, as unfamiliar opponents with so much quality on each side can create a lot of volatility.

UCL History

The UEFA Champions League is the biggest club soccer competition in the world, bringing together the top clubs from throughout Europe. Founded in the mid-1950s, this tournament once featured only title winners in leagues throughout Europe. The field has since expanded to include other teams that finished high in the standings in high-level leagues, with a 32-team group stage leading to 16 teams fighting it out for the trophy.

Over the history of this competition, the top clubs in the world like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich have had the bulk of the success. But there have been years where teams like Ajax and Porto have gone all the way from less acclaimed leagues, as the unpredictability and quality of this tournament are what makes it so beloved.

uefa Champions League Faqs

Is Champions League betting legal?

Yes, Champions League betting is legal in many states, though different states have different laws about sports gambling.

Where can I bet on the Champions League?

Where bettors can wager on the Champions League depends on the laws the list of legal sportsbooks in each state.

Who are the best teams to bet on in Champions League?

The best team to bet on in the Champions League varies on a match by match basis, as things like injuries and recent form can determine where the value lies in each game.

Which team has won the most Champions League Titles?

Real Madrid has the most Champions League titles in the competition’s history.

When is the Champions League season?

The Champions League runs from the beginning of the European club season, typically around August and September, to the end of the season in May and June.
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