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Getting into the MLB Odds

There will be three different types of MLB odds that you can find on any MLB game. First, there are the point spreads. Point spreads in the MLB are known as the run spread and are the number of runs that you will have to deduct from the total runs if you bet on the favorite or the number of runs added to the total of the underdog team. 

The following MLB point spreads and odds will be on the moneyline. This will be a straight-up bet on which team will win. The last MLB odds are on the over/under amount of runs that both teams will score.

How to read MLB Point Spreads & Odds 

When you bet on MLB odds, you will have some things to examine. First will be the two teams involved. The team with plus odds is the underdog, while the team with minus odds is the favorite. When two teams are evenly matched against each other, oddsmakers will determine the game a toss-up, giving you what’s known as even odds.

Looking at how the payout works on MLB odds, you will get the amount shown for every $100 bet with plus odds, so +400 will get you $400 on a $100 stake. Minus odds show how much you have to wager to win $100, so -300 odds mean you need to wager $300 to win $100. When you see even odds on a game, you will receive the same amount you wager on the bet. So $50 will get you $50 on a winning wager.

Run spreads and the over/under are two of the MLB odds that will usually be pretty reasonable. Moneyline MLB odds have the chance for the most significant differences in payouts. Those odds are determined by both the teams’ records and skills.

MLB Betting example

Say you want to bet on the Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals game. Some odd you might see will look like this:


Run Spread

Money Line


Chicago Cubs

+2.5     -110


O 7.5 -110

St. Louis Cardinals

-2.5        -110


U 7.5  -110

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