Rally Italia Sardegna

Race Information

The race is over.
Be sure to check the current WRC standings.
  • Course: Start in Olbia and finish in Sassari
  • Stages: 19
  • Distance: 207.57 miles (334.05 kilometers)
  • Date:  June 1-4
  • 2023 WINNER: TBD

Rally Italia Sardegna Odds

Rally Italia Sardegna is the seventh round of the 2023 FIA World Rally Championship. The rally will be held on the island of Sardinia from June 2-5. The rally is known for its fast and flowing gravel roads, which can be very challenging for drivers.

The odds for the Rally Italia Sardegna are as follows:

  • Kalle Rovanperä is the favorite to win the rally, with WRC odds of 2.50. Rovanperä is the current World Rally Championship leader and has won three rallies this season.
  • Thierry Neuville is the second favorite, with odds of 3.50. Neuville has won the Rally Italia Sardegna twice and is always a strong contender on gravel.
  • Ott Tänak is the third favorite, with odds of 4.00. Tänak is the defending champion of the Rally Italia Sardegna and is always a threat on gravel.

The rally will be a close contest, with all three drivers having a chance to win. Rovanperä will be the favorite, but Neuville and Tänak will be looking to challenge for the victory.

Here are some additional factors that could affect the outcome of the rally:

  • The weather: The weather can be unpredictable in Sardinia, and it could have a big impact on the rally. If it rains, the roads will be slippery and it will be more difficult for the drivers to control their cars.
  • The road conditions: The roads in Sardinia are not always in good condition, and they can be bumpy and dusty. This can make it difficult for the drivers to find grip and it can also damage their cars.
  • The competition: The competition in the World Rally Championship is very close, and any of the top drivers could win the Rally Italia Sardegna. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this challenging rally.
Rally Italia Sardegna 2023 odds
Driver Team Odds
Kalle Rovanperä Toyota Gazoo Racing 2.50
Thierry Neuville Hyundai Motorsport 3.50
Ott Tänak Hyundai Motorsport 4.00
Elfyn Evans Toyota Gazoo Racing 5.00
Craig Breen Hyundai Motorsport 6.00
Takamoto Katsuta Toyota Gazoo Racing 8.00
Sébastien Ogier Toyota Gazoo Racing 10.00
Gus Greensmith M-Sport Ford 12.00
Pierre-Louis Loubet M-Sport Ford 14.00
Dani Sordo Hyundai Motorsport 16.00

Stages Rally Italia Sardegna Schedule

  • SS1: Olbia – Cabu Abbas (16.04 km)
  • SS2: Tantariles 20Ris (15.27 km)
  • SS3: Terranova (18.63 km)
  • SS4: Monte Lerno – Sa Conchedda (49.92 km)
  • Service A (20 min)
  • SS5: Tantariles 20Ris (15.27 km)
  • SS6: Terranova (18.63 km)
  • SS7: Monte Lerno – Sa Conchedda (49.92 km)
  • SS8: Coiluna – Loelle (14.09 km)
  • SS9: Su Filigosu (19.27 km)
  • SS10: Erula – Tula (14.95 km)
  • Service B (45 min)
  • SS11: Tempio Pausania (14.79 km)
  • SS12: Coiluna – Loelle (14.09 km)
  • SS13: Su Filigosu (19.27 km)
  • SS14: Erula – Tula (14.95 km)
  • SS15: Tempio Pausania (14.79 km)
  • Service C (45 min)
  • SS16: Power Stage – Monte Lerno – Sa Conchedda (18.34 km)
  • SS17: Loiri Porto San Paolo Power Stage (2.87 km)
  • Finish (Olbia)

Current WRC Standings- 2023 Season

Rally Italia Sardegna History & Highlights

The WRC Rally Italia Sardegna is the sixth round of the 2023 WRC calendar. It’s one of the founding events of the World Rally Championship.

It’s the third of eight gravel events on the calendar. The event is one of the most challenging gravel tests of the year, with fast, narrow stages on abrasive roads.

Though it’s an original event from the first official season, it debuted decades before the inaugural WRC season in 1973.

Rally Italia Sardegna began as the Rallye Internazionale di Sanremo in 1928. It used the French word for rally instead of Italian because of the Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo. Romanian driver Ernest Urdareanu won the first two rallies.

After success in 1929, new organizers moved the rally to be a street race through Sanremo, a coastal city in northwestern Italy. The inaugural rally in Sanremo, the Circuito Automobilistico Sanremo, occurred in 1937.

A break around and after World War II preceded the rally changing its name to the Rallye Femminile Perla di Sanremo from 1952-1956. There was another five-year gap before the rally returned as the Rallye dei Fiori (“Rally of the Flowers”) in 1961. It’s continued every year since.

The Rally Sanremo joined the International Championship for Manufacturers from 1970-1972. This was a precursor series to the WRC. The event stayed on the WRC schedule for the next 30 years.

The 1981 event featured the first and only time a woman had won a WRC event when French driver Michèle Mouton took the win in an Audi Quattro.

The rally became a point of controversy in 1986. French manufacturer Peugeot’s factory team was disqualified for using illegal side skirts.

The team had used the same configuration for previous rallies that season without any problems and passed pre-rally scrutineering for that event. Peugeot remained disqualified after an appeal.

The FIA later decided the exclusion was illegal and all race results were annulled.

That event preceded a run of success for Lancia. The Italian manufacturer won six straight Rallye Sanremo events.

The 1990s saw a mix of winning drivers and manufacturers, with Ford, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Peugeot all taking victories. That variety continued through to the 2000s.

The rally changed in 2004 from Rallye Sanremo to Rally Italia Sardegna on the island of Sardinia, which continues today.

The one non-WRC event in 2010 was when the Intercontinental Rally Challenge was the premier class.

Nine-time WRC champion Sébastien Loeb and eight-time champion Sébastien Ogier are tied for the most wins since the move to Sardinia in 2004, with four each.

Circuit Information

Rally Italia Sardegna

The WRC Rally Italia Sardegna is a 19-stage rally held over four days and based in the coastal town of Olbia.

The heat combined with narrow and fast gravel stages makes the rally a tough test for drivers and cars.

The race features Micky’s Jump, one of the most iconic locations on the WRC calendar.
Estonian driver and 2019 WRC champion Ott Tänak is the defending race winner.

2022 Rally Italia Sardegna Results
Drivers’ ChampionshipThierry NeuvilleHyundai i20 N Rally1
Co-Drivers’ ChampionshipMartijn WydaegheHyundai i20 N Rally1
Manufacturers’ Championship********Hyundai Motorsport
WRC2 ChampionshipYohan RosselCitroën C3 Rally2
WRC3 ChampionshipKajetan KajetanowiczSkoda Fabia Rally2 evo

Rally Italia Sardegna FAQs

How many places in Italy have hosted a WRC event?

The first version of the event for the WRC was the Rallye Sanremo starting in 1973. It moved to the island of Sardinia in 2004.

Who’s won the most Rally Italia Sardegna events?

Champions Sébastien Loeb and Sébastien Ogier have each won four events in Sardinia.

Why is the 1981 Rally Sanremo notable?

It was the only WRC event won by a female driver, Michèle Mouton.

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