EKO Acropolis Rally Greece

The Acropolis Rally of Greece is one of the World Rally Championship’s older courses. It is usually held on the very dusty, rough, and rocky mountain roads of Greece during the hot summer months of the country.

This WRC race is notorious for its difficulty hence why the WRC Acropolis Rally odds should feature tighter odds than usual.

Race Information

The race is over.
Be sure to check the current WRC standings.
  • Course: National Trade Fair, Lamia, Greece
  • Location: Athens, Lamia, Loutraki, Greece
  • Surface: Gravel
  • Stages: 16 (303.30km; 188.461 miles)
  • Date: September 8th- 11th, 2022.

Circuit Information

Typically, cars need to be reinforced with extra sturdiness to cope with the extra rough and rock-strewn stages. On top of that, the sweltering summer weather can make it even more taxing for the drivers. An infamous stage known as the “Tarzan” test has returned in the 2021 Acropolis Rally. This is the “Power Stage” of the event.

As one of the later races in the WRC calendar, this course can wreak havoc on the WRC standings. Colin McRae holds the records for most victories here with five. The 2022 edition features 16 stages with an overall distance of 739.07 miles (1,189.42 kilometers).

EKO Acropolis Rally Greece - Stages

History of EKO Acropolis Rally Greece

The Acropolis Rally has been held since 1951. Several legends like Walter Rorhrl, Bjorn Waldegard, and Colin McRae have won here. This course began as a marathon/endurance type event when it started. It became a part of the World Rally Championship after 1973 and involved some historic locations all over Greece. The first ceremony took place in the Panathenaic Stadium.

Eventually, the WRC transitioned more towards “sprint” type events. The Acropolis Rally had to be reconfigured. The rally headquarters moved from Lamia to the Athens Olympic Sports Complex and the service park moved to the Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre. But in 2016, the rally HQ was relocated back to the mountain stages near Lamia.

Odd to win & Betting Tips

Betting for the Rally Greece can be tricky given how difficult it is. Don’t fall for chalk as even gravel-specializing drivers can struggle here. Do research leading up to the event, which includes checking the weather and how drivers fare under the conditions and the updated WRC odds. 

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