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Stadio Diego Armando Maradona


Championships: 1987, 1990

Coppa Italia: 1962, 1976, 1987, 2012, 2014, 2020


  • UEFA Cup: 1989

2022-23 Napoli Odds

In a thrilling turn of events, SSC Napoli emerged as the champions of the Serie A season 2022-23. Against all Serie A odds, they surpassed expectations and claimed the coveted title, stunning both fans and pundits alike.

Under the masterful guidance of their manager, SSC Napoli showcased their attacking prowess and tactical brilliance throughout the season. Led by the likes of Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Min-Jae Kim, and Piotr Zieliński, they formed a formidable force on the field.

Despite facing stiff competition from other top clubs in Serie A, SSC Napoli’s resilience, consistency, and unwavering determination propelled them to the top. Their ability to secure vital victories and entertain with their captivating style of play made them worthy champions.

This triumphant outcome defied the odds and solidified SSC Napoli’s status as one of Italy’s elite clubs. The season will be remembered as a testament to their talent, teamwork, and unyielding spirit.

As celebrations ensue and the city revels in their success, SSC Napoli can proudly bask in the glory of being crowned champions of Serie A, etching their name in football history.



SSC Napoli Standings & Team Records

The biggest turning point in club history was signing Diego Maradona from Barcelona for a then-record transfer fee. The legendary Argentinian talisman led Napoli to their first ever Serie A title and the Coppa Italia in 1987. The title is a pivotal moment in the SSC Napoli team stats, since they were the first-ever Southern Italian team to win the Scudetto.

With Maradona, Napoli also won the 1989 UEFA Cup and another Scudetto in 1990. Maradona is widely recognized as the greatest player in club history. Post-Maradona, the club gradually declined, culminating in relegation in 1999, and bankruptcy in 2004.

The SSC Napoli players, known for their technical abilities and strategic acumen, contribute to the team’s strong position in the S.S.C Napoli standings. They navigate through the challenges posed by both Serie A schedules and the Champions League standings with determination and skill.

Aurelio de Laurentiis revived SSC Napoli after their relegation to Serie C. Within three years, they made a triumphant return to Serie A and even qualified for European tournaments like the Champions League in 2012. In the 2010s, with players like Lorenzo Insigne and all-time leading scorer Dries Mertens, Napoli went on to win two Coppa Italia titles.

Since their last promotion in 2007, Napoli have finished in second or third in Serie A on eight occasions. They also won the 2020 Coppa Italia but haven’t won a league title since the Maradona days.

SSC Napoli History

In 1922, two rival Neapolitan soccer clubs merged as Foot-Ball Club Internazionale-Naples. Their name was changed to Associazione Calcio Napoli in 1926 and the club had some rough early years. Thanks to forwards Attila Sallustro and Antonio Vojak, Napoli improved in the 1930s.

Napoli were relegated to Serie B for the first time in 1942 and would spend time bouncing around divisions after WWII. They moved to their current home, the Stadio San Paolo, renamed Stadio Diego Armando Maradona for Diego Maradona, in 1959. Their first major trophy was the 1962 Coppa Italia, which they won over SPAL.

SSC Napoli consistently strives for top positions in the S.S.C Napoli standings, both in domestic competitions like Serie A and in international competitions like the Champions League.

The team’s talented SSC Napoli players exhibit their skills and dedication on the field, leaving a mark with their exceptional performances. With their sights set on success, the players aim to make their mark in both the Serie A schedules and the Champions League standings. Fans eagerly follow the team’s journey, anticipating thrilling matches and remarkable displays of skill from the SSC Napoli players.

The Partenopei were relegated back to Serie B one season later, though. Napoli changed their name to the current Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli in 1964 and earned promotion back to Serie A in 1965. They nearly won the league in 1968 but finished in second to AC Milan.

During this period, midfielder Antonio Juliano broke the record for most appearances in the Napoli stats, which still stands. In the 70s, Napoli continued to contend for the Scudetto but were unable to win it. However, they won their second Coppa Italia trophy in 1976.

SSC Napoli FAQs

Did Diego Maradona play for Napoli?

Yes, the late Diego Maradona shocked the soccer world by joining Napoli from Barcelona in 1984. His spell in Naples was highly successful, with two Serie A titles, a Coppa Italia and a UEFA Cup to show for it.

When was the last time S.S.C. Napoli won the Scudetto?

Napoli’s last Serie A title win was in 1990, when Diego Maradona still played for the team. They’ve finished in second place on four occasions since then.

When did Napoli rename their stadium?

SSC Napoli’s stadium was formerly called the Stadio San Paolo. After Diego Maradona’s death in November 2020, the Naples City Council passed an ordinance renaming the stadium to Stadio Diego Armando Maradona.
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