Meet Antonela Roccuzzo: The Woman Behind the GOAT

Messi Wouldn’t Be Where He Is Without the Support of His Wife

What True Love Looks Like

Give me a dollar for every year that Lionel Messi hasn’t headlined the latest soccer news since his pro debut in 2004, and I’d be poor. One of the most decorated careers in soccer is regularly celebrated, and 2023 is no exception, as he recently broke another record when collecting the Ballon d’Or 2023.

However, there’s more to Messi’s success than meets the eye. Sure, the Argentinian legend has all the skills and then some on the pitch, but off the field, his darling wife has been a solid partner in crime.

The MLS newcomer is thoroughly enjoying his new life in America since he joined David Beckham’s Inter Miami this summer. In July 2023, the revered soccer star made a move to the United States along with his beautiful wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, and their three children.

Leo Messi often receives all the attention, but today, we’re bucking that trend and focusing on the woman behind the GOAT.

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Their Love Story Goes Way Back

Antonela Roccuzzo, just like Lionel Messi, was born and raised in Rosario, Argentina. She has been familiar with the former Barcelona star since she was five years old because her cousin, Lucas Scaglia, was a childhood friend of his.

Despite Messi’s reputation for being shy, he was quite the opposite when pursuing Antonela, frequently visiting her home from a young age.

It may have taken Messi decades to bag this incredible woman, but are we surprised he finally wed the woman of his dreams? With the determination to reach his professional goals, such a trait evidently transitions into his everyday life.

The exact duration of their relationship prior to going public in 2008 is unknown. However, it is believed that their romance blossomed to new heights in 2007 when Messi returned to Rosario to console Antonela following the death of her friend.

‘The Wedding of the Century’

Antonela went from a girlfriend and mother of his children to Messi’s wife, and the wedding was celebrated in a grand event often referred to as Argentina’s “wedding of the century.”

The ceremony occurred at the luxurious City Centre Hotel and Casino, located in their hometown of Rosario, Argentina. According to reports, attendees were prohibited from using their phones, and the staff was obligated to keep the details confidential. To ensure the smooth running of the occasion, more than 450 police officers were deployed.

Antonela Roccuzzo: A Career Woman & Philanthropist

Antonela has gained recognition not just as the spouse of Messi but also as an accomplished model and entrepreneur in her own right. She has been featured in notable advertising campaigns and has established her own fashion brand.

In addition to her thriving professional journey, she actively engages in multiple philanthropic initiatives. She supports various charitable causes, including children’s hospitals and organizations that assist disadvantaged children.

What a Woman, What a Family

In European football, “the double” signifies a club’s accomplishment of winning both their league title and their country’s primary cup competition in the same season. However, the sport’s unofficial leading couple has achieved a distinct double by successfully maintaining a separate realm for their family life amidst the frenzy of Messi mania.

Raising three children, running a business, and supporting her husband from the sidelines, all while maintaining a level of privacy in the family’s private life, deserves an individual award of its own… What a woman Antonela Roccuzzo is!

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