Taylor Swift Leads the Spotify Wrapped Odds Race

Who Will Be the Most Streamed Artist?

Most of the early money for Spotify Wrapped Top Streamed Artist has come for none other than Taylor Swift. The American has dominated the charts in 2023 with her album Midnights, and she also rereleased her old albums on Spotify. The songstress firmed into -500 to beat out the likes of Bad Bunny and The Weeknd with entertainment betting markets. Notably, the Spotify Wrapped Odds have become a hot topic among music aficionados and bettors alike.

Does Swift Have it in the Bag?

According to the sportsbook, no one is beating Swift for the top spot with Spotify’s top streamed artist.It has been a successful year for Swift, and we’re not just talking about all the coverage she’s getting from dating Travis Kelce. Her album Midnights was well-received by critics and fans, so many of her songs were in the Billboard Top 100.

For someone who used to be against Spotify, we are confident she’ll be happy to receive the award, and her odds have been slashed. She opened on the second line of betting behind Bad Bunny before firming considerably, but she is coming up against the Spanish speaking market, which is tough to beat.

Bad Bunny is Still a Chance

Despite drifting with betting markets, Bad Bunny is still the king of winning these end-of-year awards. His popularity always picks up towards the end of the year, and he has the Spanish market behind him, which is a large market.

It’s why YouTube channels and musicians try to adapt Spanish into their business model, because it’s big. Regarding Spotify Wrapped Odds, Bad Bunny remains a top contender.

Therefore, we wouldn’t overlook Bad Bunny’s fans rallying around the artist, who has been one of the biggest artists over the last few years. His recent release Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Manana debuted at number one with Billboard, so that should help his Spotify stats.

Bad Bunny is a +250 chance to win.

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The Weekend Has Upset Claims

Who doesn’t love a bit of The Weeknd? He’s the closest thing to Michael Jackson the modern generation has, and it’s good to see him getting his credit.

The Canadian, who has performed at the Super Bowl, typically dominates radio play markets and streaming markets, so there is good value with his +500 betting odds.

He hasn’t released any new bangers, which could count against him. However, his library of music continues to get heavy streams. His songs are some of the most streamed of all time, so we’re not ruling out his chances of winning.

Until Swift joined him earlier this year as the only artist with 100 million Spotify listeners, The Weeknd was all alone in that club. He released an Instagram story that read as follows.

“Taylor Swift joins The Weeknd as the only artists to reach 100 million monthly Spotify listeners,” the post said, followed by emojis.

It’s an impressive feat, and it shouldn’t go overlooked when betting on this market.

Styles Firms at Big Odds

Harry Styles is never too far away from winning these titles, and he has attracted money at big odds.The former One Direction star is the only artist to firm at big odds of +1500, and he’s a chance of being in the top four.

He has been a bit quiet on the new music front over the last couple of months, which hurts his chances of being Spotify’s most streamed artist, but he was dominating the scene for a while there.

It would take a brave bettor to go against Swift, but her former boyfriend could firm late with all the One Direction fans pulling for their boy.

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