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Houston Astros

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Houston, TX

Ballpark: Minute Maid Park, TX

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Houston Astros Stats & Team History

The Houston Astros were founded in 1962, joining the MLB that season in the National League under their original name Houston Colt .45s. In 1965 the team changed its name to the Astros to go along with the city of Houston’s connection to space stations. It took 10 years for the Astros to have a winning record and 18 years to make their first playoff appearance. From 1997 to 2005, the Astros were one of the best teams, making the playoffs six times and the World Series in 2005, but lost to the White Sox. The height of the Astros team stats was during that period, as it was surrounded by mediocrity until 2015.

In 2013, the Astros changed leagues to the American League, and then had become one of the better teams. The Houston Astros team stats from 2015-21 propelled them into six postseasons and three World Series, winning in 2017. However, this time a sign-stealing scandal was featured, which led to the suspension of the team’s manager and general manager for a season. The Astros then fired them after the announcement of the suspensions.

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