Breeders Cup 2023 Gallops Back to Santa Anita

Horses Ready, Fans Antsy: Santa Anita Sizzles with Star Horses

Hold your horses ‘cause Breeders Cup 2023 is making its nest and a comeback to @SantaAnitaPark on November 3 & 4, and it’s hotter than ever! With a whopping 205 pre-entries, the excitement’s up 9% from the last gallop here in 2019. Four shining stars from the 2022 winners’ circle are ready to steal the show again: Caravel, Cody’s Wish, Elite Power, and Goodnight Olive. Fans are placing their bets; who’ll wear the crown this time, with the current horse racing standings?

Horse Racing Icon 2023 Breeders’ Cup

Location: Santa Anita Park
Streaming: NBC Sports

A Global Galore: From Far and Wide

This year’s lineup is as international as it gets! With 59 trotters from across the globe, including 11 straight out of Japan, this truly is the World Championships. Mostahdaf, the big gun from Europe, and Paddington, the four-time group 1 champion, are among the fierce foreign competitors at Breeders Cup 2023.

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Major Money on the Line

Ka-ching! The 40th Breeders’ Cup is not just about prestige; there’s serious cash at stake! A jaw-dropping $31 million is up for grabs over 14 races. It’s Santa Anita’s 11th time in the spotlight, breaking its own record. Young champs will sprint for glory on “Future Stars Friday”, while nine high-stakes races will rev up Saturday.

Don’t Take Your Eyes Off the Final Line-up

With bated breath, everyone’s waiting for the final roster! Set to drop on Monday, the list will sizzle with the top 14 racers for each category. But here’s the twist: some races will only see 12 champs. Got too many hot hooves for one race? No worries! Breeders Cup 2023 has a secret recipe to pick the best: race wins, a point game, and a sprinkle of expert judgment. Once the list’s out, all eyes will be on the starting line, waiting for the magic to begin on November 3 & 4.

2023 Breeders Cup

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