Olympic Update: LA Eyes Flag Football, Cricket for 2028

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LA28 organizers are kicking it up a notch: they’ve thrown a Hail Mary by proposing to add NFL-style flag football to the Olympics. And guess what? Some big-name NFL stars are already jumping on the bandwagon, eager to don the stars and stripes and go for the gold. This will really make for great betting action when the Olympics odds come out!

What’s With the Game?

For those not in the loop, flag football is like your classic tackle football – lots of passing and catching. But, instead of tackling, players yank a cloth flag from opponents to halt the play. No need for all that bulky gear! And if things pan out, we might see our NFL heroes duking it out on the Los Angeles Olympics field. There’s still some red tape to cut through before that dream becomes a reality, but the will is there!

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A Win-Win For All

Last year, the U.S. men’s flag football team took home the gold at the World Games in Alabama. And let’s not forget the women! Mexico’s star quarterback, Diana Flores, dazzled everyone and took the MVP title. With its simple rules and low-cost setup, flag football’s a game anyone can enjoy. The NFL’s goal? Put American football on the world map. Having it at the Los Angeles Olympics could be the golden ticket. Plus (it had to be said) it helps make the Olympics schedules fuller and more entertaining!

And… It’s Not Just Football

LA’s not putting all its eggs in one basket. Alongside flag football, LA28 organizers are pitching to add cricket, lacrosse, squash, and baseball-softball. While squash and flag football could make their Los Angeles Olympics debuts, baseball-softball is eyeing a comeback after missing out on Paris 2024. And did you know? Lacrosse was an Olympic sport five times but hasn’t been seen since 1948.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed so these proposals hit a home run at the upcoming IOC meet! LA28 chairperson Casey Wasserman believes these games will be a game-changer, bringing fresh energy and diverse fans to the Olympics.

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