Max Verstappen Record: Bags 16th Win in Mexico

Perez Takes a Dive and Prompts Restart

In heart-stopping Formula 1 news, Max Verstappen bagged his 16th win this season in the Mexico City Grand Prix, smashing his own previous record of 15 wins. Starting at P3, he shot off like a rocket, leaving Charles Leclerc in the dust right at the first corner. This new Max Verstappen record is buzzing. To go beyond his own record of 15 wins is right up there with the racing elite, where F1 standings are THE big deal!

Ups and Downs at the Start

The race was no walk in the park. While Max smoothly sailed to his victory with his brand-new Max Verstappen record, it wasn’t the same for his teammate, Sergio Perez.

The lights went out and Verstappen was “init-to-winit”, getting ahead of Leclerc and Sainz going on to Turn 1, which was not the case for Sergio “Checo” Perez. He was hot on Leclerc’s heels but collided with him at Turn 1. Perez’s race ended in a flash, as he hit the pits with a damaged car.

What happened was he had made a fast start and wanted to go around the outside of Leclerc come the first corner, but the two clashed, sending Perez sailing into the air and toward the back of the field. On the other hand, the Monegasque was left sulking and with front wing damage.

Perez could not get going, and he took it out on his steering wheel by slamming his fists on it in utter disbelief and frustration. The Red Bull team tried their hardest to get him back out, but his home race had already prematurely ended.

As for Leclerc, while he saw the other drivers spin their way around the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, he was given the go-ahead to continue. His car, now sans a damaged front wing end plate, was still in the running. As the lights went green again, Verstappen led Leclerc by two seconds, with Sainz in third and Ricciardo pressing Hamilton for fourth, all looking to capitalize from Perez having been whipped out of the race. The battle for second took on a whole new other look.

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Intense Action In Verstappen’s Dust

Of course, the action didn’t just stop there. Leclerc, though damaged, hung on for dear life, holding onto his position. But soon, Lewis Hamilton zoomed past him, securing second place. Kevin Magnussen had a close shave when he crashed into a barrier, but luckily, he hopped out unscathed. As the F1 race unfolded, five other Formula 1 drivers, including Perez and Alonso, had to wave the white flag, retiring before the finish line.

What’s Cooking Next?

With the new Max Verstappen record and this gripping race in the rearview mirror, the drivers are revving their engines for Brazil next weekend. It’s the final lap in this triple-header race, and, with Verstappen’s recent win, it’s bound to be a cutthroat, all-get-out kind of race. Keep those engines oiled!

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