NBA Fights: Green, Thompson, and McDaniels Go “Mortal Kombat”

Fists Fly in the First Quarter

The NBA in-season tournament turned into a real barn burner when the Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves clashed. In the heat of the NBA fights moment, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Jaden McDaniels threw caution to the wind and got themselves booted out of the game. It all kicked off with Thompson and McDaniels locking horns, but stuff really hit the fan when Green jumped in and put Rudy Gobert in a chokehold.

Technical Fouls and Flagrant Frenzy

The refs were quick on the draw, slapping Thompson and McDaniels with double technicals. But the NBA fights spotlight was on Green, who earned a flagrant 2 for his headlock hustle. The score was still a big fat zero, no buckets scored yet, but the tension was sky-high. This scuffle might cost Green more than just one game – a suspension could be waiting in the wings.

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Aftermath and Opinions Galore

Post-game, or rather post NBA fights, everyone had their two cents to add. The crew chief, Tyler Ford, called Green’s move “unnecessary and excessive,” while Gobert got off scot-free for playing peacemaker. Warriors coach Steve Kerr stood by his players, calling the ejections unfair. Gobert, on the other hand, didn’t mince words, labeling Green’s antics as “clown behavior.”

Warriors Left Shorthanded in the Bigger Picture

With Stephen Curry already benched with a knee issue, the Warriors found themselves in a tight spot, losing two more stars in a flash, which is perhaps why NBA fights are usually not such a hot commodity. Just sayin’…

As for Green and Gobert, their beef has some history, with social media jabs adding fuel to the fire. But on this day, it was more about fists than tweets. The Timberwolves clinched a narrow victory, but the real buzz was all about the brawl that’ll be talked about for days to come!

NBA Fights Go Mortal Kombat

The NBA was compared to Mortal Kombat this week as fights sprouted up on two separate courts. Besides the Warriors-Timberwolves brawl, things didn’t stop there. There were some scuffles the same night in a NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies.

After Lakers’ Anthony Davis got a score in, he got into a shoving altercation with Memphis’ Santi Aldama, which finished with Aldama on his back.

Memphis’ Desmond Bane and Lakers’ Davis bumped chests in an aggressive display. They eventually cooled off and the game went on, although the tension also got to the Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins, and he became involved. They all got slapped with technical fouls.

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