Bermudez vs Clavel Preview: Making Money in Montreal? Bet the Dog

Clavel Could Pull Off Upset in this Unified Light Flyweight Bout

Boxing Odds Tight But in Favor of Bermudez

Kim Clavel, everyone’s favorite nurse boxer returns. And she’s staying in her home province of Quebec as she looks to become a two-time champion by upsetting Evelin Nazarena Bermudez, the unified light flyweight champion. This is uncharted territory for Clavel, who opens as an underdog for the first time in her career. We explain why she’s not supposed to be one per our Bermudez vs Clavel preview.

🥊Evelin Bermudez vs Kim Clavel 🥊

Fighters: Evelin Nazarena Bermudez (C) (18-1-1, 6 KOs) vs Kim Clavel (17-1-0, 3 KOs)
Location: Place Bell, Laval, Canda
Day/Time: Saturday, 6:00 P.M. ET
Title: IBF and WBO World Light Flyweight (108 lbs)

We May Have Seen Bermudez-Clavel Before…

And it came in the form of a recent bout from Bermudez: a narrow decision loss to Yokasta Valle last year. The smaller opponent, who came from mini flyweight, took the fight to Bermudez and beat her on the inside. Valle’s speed, accuracy, and aggression won her the bout, though it was a close one. Sounds familiar? That’s how Clavel can shine here.

The French-Canadian boxer can put on a fast and furious pace without sacrificing proficiency. At just 5’1” with a 60.5-inch reach, she’s experienced a size disadvantage even in the 108-pound division. So she should have no issues cutting the ring and boxing Bermudez from her distance: up close and personal.

“I want to thank champion Evelin Bermudez for giving me this opportunity to win her titles,” Clavel said. “I know that she is a great champion and that she is confident in her abilities. I’m going to need all of Quebec behind me.”

Indeed, we should give props to both boxers here who are making solid decisions to keep fighting the best. The winner of this bout will most likely fight Yesica Nery Plata to unify the division. As such, this Bermudez vs Clavel preview could be the precursor to one of the more prominent women’s boxing matches down the road.

And Clavel should do it as a boxing bet at +105. She has the style to give Bermudez a tough fight and one that could go in her favor. Plata, who upset Clavel, was a harder puncher and a better inside boxer. But Bermudez will need to keep this one from her range to win the boxing match tonight.

Clavel’s Path to Superstardom Restarts Here

Despite being the underdog, Clavel could be the more prominent name in these bouts. It’s why she’s been a moderate-to-wide favorite in her professional bouts. She was -500 against Plata. But that setback could benefit her as it gave her this fight: a chance to become a unified champion. And a win here will make the rematch with Plata even bigger.

Surely, the 33-year-old has not just been a former boxing champion. She also made boxing news with her work as a nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic, which won her the Pat Tillman Award for Service in 2020.

Boxing matches in the lighter weight classes, especially for women, have barely received mainstream coverage. But even ESPN took notice and picked up some of her bouts, most notably her title fight with Plata.

Digressing from this Bermudez vs Clavel preview, the latter must beat Bermudez to set up that rematch with Plata. It’s an entirely different type of matchup. Bermudez will look to keep this at range while Clavel hunts her. Or it could be another war, as we saw with Clavel-Plata. Either way, this one is most likely going to the judges with a total of 8.5 rounds heavily juiced to go ‘over’ at -700.

Come this Saturday, she could be setting up a “superfight” with her former adversary, should she pull off the upset. It’s worth betting on.

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