Fury vs Ngannou Odds: Boxer Dominates Betting

The Biggest Crossover Fight

As Fury vs Ngannou odds suggest, most bettors expect the boxer to be too good for the MMA artist.

That’s the case 99% of the time, and Fury has a -1500 chance to win the exhibition fight, but Ngannou packs some serious power.

The bigger gloves will have an impact, but either way, we will be entertained by the fight this Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

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Fury Looks to Out Box Ngannou

Fury’s greatest strength is his boxing prowess. He doesn’t need to brawl with Ngannou, as you would expect in an boxing fight.

He can take his time and let Ngannou punch himself silly because there is no way the Cameroon boxing fighter will last the full 10 rounds.

Fury, also known as the “Gypsy King,” is one of the most enigmatic figures in boxing.

Standing at 6’9″ and possessing an extraordinary mix of agility, defensive skills, and power, Fury has established himself as the heavyweight champion of the boxing world.

His record-breaking bout against Deontay Wilder, in which he won the WBC title, showcased his boxing prowess, and it’s hard to see him lose against someone who isn’t a boxer.

He even described how he’s going to beat Ngannou.

“Shall I tell you how I’m going to do it? Got on the front foot, high arms, siccing him with a punishing jab, 19, 20 stone in the face — boom, boom, boom — bust him up, swell his eyes out, and then feint, slip, bang. KO” Fury said.


Boxing betting odds have Fury at -1500 for a good reason. It’s because he should win, and even though there are no titles on the line, he doesn’t want a loss on his record.

Tyson Fury record is an impressive one, and a loss to Ngannou would change the legitimacy of the heavyweight boxing division.

Packing the Punch

If there’s one thing Ngannou has, it’s a power punch, and he plans on putting it to use.

He also thinks Fury has been cheating, just to throw some allegations into the mix.

“Tyson’s gloves,” “He’s very tricky with his glove. I think he’s cheating. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about his gloves, that his gloves have no protection. We’re going to get there, and we need every glove to get checked. You don’t tell me about this, commission. All the gloves get to be checked.” Ngannou said.


Francis Ngannou record doesn’t boast much boxing prowess. It’s one thing to knock people out with smaller UFC gloves, but it’s a different kettle of fish with bigger and heavier gloves.

Fury vs Ngannou odds have him at +800, so he’s a despised underdog. However, if he lands a clean punch on Fury’s chin, it could be goodnight.

Underdog Value?

We expect money to come for Ngannou with UFC fans, and there is some value with his odds. However, and it’s a big however, should the fight go the judges’ scorecards, they won’t award the UFC fighter with the win. Ngannou needs a knockout, and we have already seen one Fury brother score a controversial win this month, so we don’t need another.

Taking -1500 for Fury is tough, but he’s close to a good thing.

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