2022 Esports Events: October Esports Events

What's on Tap in October Esports?

2022 Esports Events: Every year, the esports industry sees hundreds, if not thousands, of tournaments take place all year round. These tournaments range from smaller, more local events to massive, globally viewed events. Teams and organizations worldwide send their best players to compete in these tournaments to bring home silverware and glory. Here is a detailed overview of the upcoming esports events in October.


League of Legends: Worlds

  • Dates: 9/29/22 – 11/5/22
  • Prize Money: $2.25 million
  • Participants: 24

The first esports event in October is the League of Legends World Championship. The League of Legends World Championship is one of, if not the most popular, esports event to bet on. It’s also one of the lengthiest, as it usually takes a month and a half to complete. That involves plenty of matches and opportunities to place numerous bets.

This year’s tournament will feature the same format as before, which means there is no double-elimination bracket. Nonetheless, teams will still have to perform at the highest level to win the event. So, will G2 Esports and Rogue claw their way out of groups, especially when faced with highly successful teams? On the other hand, can Cloud9 and 100Thieves bring glory to the US continent once more?


Dota 2: The International 11

  • Dates: 10/15/22 – 10/30/22
  • Prize Money: $10+ million
  • Participants: 20

The second esports event in October is the ever-popular, The International. The International 11 is arguably the most prestigious esports tournament in the world. We already know some of the more prominent names attending the event. These include the likes of PSG.LGD, OG, Team Spirit, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, and Royal Never Give Up.

Most of these teams participated in last year’s tournament, which means another banger of an event is in store for 2022. For reference, The International 10 had a peak viewership of 2,741,514 viewers (for the Grand Final between PSG.LGD and Team Spirit) and an average of 857,343 viewers throughout the tournament.

For reference, The International 10 had a peak viewership of 2,741,514 viewers (for the Grand Final between PSG.LGD and Team Spirit) and an average of 857,343 viewers throughout the tournament.

PSG.LGD is the clear favorite going into the tournament, but can anyone knock them down to take the top spot?


Overwatch League: Countdown Cup

  • Dates: 10/15/22 – 10/22/22
  • Prize Money: TBA
  • Participants: 7

The Overwatch League plays with four playoff-type events for which only a handful of teams can qualify. These events are supposed to enhance the overall Overwatch League experience for the players and provide a perfect opportunity for esports bettors.

In this case, we’re looking at the Countdown Cup, which will take place over seven days. It will feature seven teams who will compete for their share of the grand prize. Currently, the Countdown Cup qualifiers are ongoing, but we’re around eight matches per team away until we get final confirmation of who has qualified for the finals.

The two giants, Shanghai Dragons and San Francisco Shock don’t look like they’ll make it to the Countdown Cup finals. But they have already punched their tickets for the postseason playoffs, so they’re off the hook. The top teams to watch this time are Seoul Dynasty, Dallas Fuel, and the unexpected, Los Angeles Gladiators.

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Halo Infinite World Championship

  • Dates: 10/20/22 – 10/23/22
  • Prize Money: $1 million
  • Participants: 20

Some would argue that Halo Infinite is a new game, but Halo esports has been around for years. Before the likes of LoL, Overwatch, and even Dota 2, Halo used to be the big tournament to watch. With a new iteration of a fan favorite, Halo and 343 will hope to make it back to the big time with the return of the World Championships.

The 12 qualified teams have been announced after the Orlando Majors, and of course, OpTic Gaming is at the top and is the favorite to take home glory. They may be the favorite, but teams are still to watch as we get closer to the event. Those teams are FaZe, Fnatic, G2, and Cloud9, and all are some of the biggest names in esports.


Apex Legends: Twitch Rivals

  • Dates: 10/8/22 – 10/9/22
  • Prize Money: $30,000
  • Participants: 20

Concluding Our 2022 Esports Events Preview: Twitch Rivals are not a big esports tournament by any means, but it’s more for fun! The event will feature some of the most popular Apex Twitch steamers on the platform playing on teams with former and current pros. Teams will play the games at Twitchcon in San Diego this upcoming weekend. So, if you’re going to TwitchCon or like Apex, make sure to tune in for some laughs and serious gameplay.

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