Spurs to Test Clippers in Western Conference Battle

Clippers vs Spurs Best Bets

The San Antonio Spurs host the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday, and we have our Clippers vs Spurs best bets for the NBA fixture.

Life hasn’t been easy for either teams in NBA Western Conference, so it’s an important game to win.

The Spurs look to keep it close and give the likes of Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and James Harden something to think about.

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Location: Frost Bank Center, San Antonio, TX

Clippers Break the Duck

Since acquiring Harden, the Clippers hadn’t won a game until beating the Houston Rockets 106-100.

It’s hardly a performance to get excited about, but we’re not sure what the Clippers were thinking when signing Harden to begin with.

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Regardless, being 4-7 and 0-6 on the road isn’t where the Clippers thought they would be. Despite having a poor record, NBA odds have them at -8½ against the Spurs, which is an interesting line.

We have no doubt the Clippers will end up being the better team, but they’re not currently playing like it. The sportsbook has the line based on potential, and bettors could cash in with our Clippers vs Spurs best bets.

With no injuries to speak of, it comes down to the systems in place at the Clippers organization. They haven’t had success in a very long time, and despite having an all-star roster, they continue to lose.

It doesn’t give bettors much confidence, even against teams like San Antonio, which is struggling.

The NBA playoffs schedule might not mean much to either team, so the Clippers need to start producing the goods.

Too Much Focus on Wembanyama?

There is a case to be made that too much attention is on Victor Wembanyama and not enough on the team winning.

The French teenager is an exciting prospect, there’s no doubting that, but soon enough the crowds won’t be too excited to watch him play and the team lose.

The Spurs are 3-10 overall, and they have only one win at home. That’s a lot of disappointed fans, and a lot of disappointed bettors. They are 4-9 against the spread, but they are good enough to test the Clippers.

Despite losing to Sacramento, they were right in the contest until the last few minutes. A repeat of that performance could be enough to see them either win the game outright or cover the betting spread.

Getting +8.5 points at home is a luxury, and if they want their loyal fans to return, it needs to be a good NBA game.

We don’t think coach Gregg Popovich will take much more losing, and although they’re in a rebuilding process, they shouldn’t accept losing as the norm.

Backing Against the Clips

We’re not so much backing the Spurs to cover the spread as much as we are backing against the Clippers to play well.

We don’t have any faith in this Clippers team, and they have shown that over the past few years. There is no cohesion, and adding Harden just adds to the confusion.

The Spurs haven’t been a surefire bet either, but with our Clippers vs Spurs best bets, we’re locking in Spurs +8.5.

It’s about time they played well at home and this is the perfect opportunity to snatch a win over the more favored opponent.

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