World Series Games Are So Boring Fans Are Resorting to Paper Airplanes to Pass the Time

Baseball’s Struggling, Just Look at the TV Ratings and Fans’ Reactions

The Biggest Hit

Paper airplanes made their presence known at the World Series Game 4 in Arizona and despite the 18 runs posted, some of the biggest cheers were reserved for those that landed onto the field of play.

The latest MLB news concerns this year’s disastrous World Series ratings which have generated historic viewership lows in the first three games. Each game has been lower than the next with Game 3 bottoming out at 8.13 million viewers on Fox and all of its platforms. That is a historic low and while many point to the teams competing for the World Series crown this MLB season and their lack of appeal, others believe the game is fading from the mainstream.

But lack of activity is inherent to the game which is why hits are a big deal and home runs will get fans off of their seats. Nevertheless, it still doesn’t seem to be enough in this day and age of instant gratification and pales in comparison to the sheer athleticism on display in virtually every NFL, NBA, and NHL play.

Unconventional Entertainment

And if we ever wanted boredom to manifest, we were rewarded in Game 4 when paper airplanes tossed onto the field effectuated the biggest ovations.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan tweeted, “For the last two innings, fans have been trying to throw paper airplanes onto the field at Chase Field. One just landed. The public-address announcer said fans who throw things on the field are subject to fines or even arrest. He was booed.”

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But that warning went unheeded as paper airplanes were falling from the upper decks with many not reaching their ultimate destination. The average ticket price cost approximately $900 which means fans were willing to risk getting kicked out just to amuse themselves and the roughly 48,000 people that packed Chase Field.

Someone who was at the game tweeted, @primmzx “People next to me left for the Suns game. Paper airplanes being thrown onto the field. Meanwhile a beer guy finally comes after 8 innings down 11-1 trying to sell full price beer. Nightmare.”

The plummeting ratings and the pervading sense that the game has become a vestige of the past still clinging to the present are in stark contrast to the hundreds of millions of dollars owners spend on their rosters. Yet, at some juncture, declining ratings will cause television networks to pay less to broadcast MLB games but how much less will ultimately determine the fate of Major League Baseball in America.

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