Bears Revamp HR: RB Coach Walker Departs

Chicago Bears Running Backs Coach Busted Out of the Den!

Buzz around NFL news town is that the team has given the boot to the Chicago Bears running backs coach, David Walker. Word on the street says it happened this Wednesday.

Walker had jumped on the Bears’ bandwagon last year, coming in right after Matt Eberflus was announced as the new big cheese. Walker’s got a track record – he was in the NFL coaching game with the Indianapolis Colts for a while and later with the Detroit Lions.

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Déjà Vu for the Bears

This ain’t the first rodeo for the Chicago Bears‘ Human Resources this season. Besides the Chicago Bears running backs coach being given the boot, another big name, defensive coordinator Alan Williams, hit the road earlier in September. Whispers suggest some behind-the-scenes drama, with HR also stepping in over some “shady business.” Still, it’s been kept under wraps and nothing is known for the time being.

While some might say, “Where there’s NFL smoke, there’s fire,” the two exits – Chicago Bears running backs coach Walker and Williams – aren’t tied together. Rumor has it that Walker’s ticket out was due to some iffy behavior at work. Must’ve been some huge “iffy”!

As for an official word from the Bears, stay tuned. Eberflus might just be spilling some beans soon!

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