2023 CDL Boston Major Betting Odds: Teams & Matchups Analysis

Day One Has Incredible Matchups, Which Will Continue Throughout the Weekend

Big money, standings points, bragging rights, and more are all on the line this weekend at the CDL Boston Major tournament. For the CDL’s second Major event of 2023, the Boston Breach is hosting its first-ever LAN event, with raucous fans in attendance at the M.G.M. Music Hall at Fenway for four days of Modern Warfare 2 action.

OpTic Texas has secured the top seed for the event, but the New York Subliners will attempt to repeat as Major winners after taking home the first title in December. Day one already has incredible matchups, which will likely continue throughout the weekend.

From where to watch and all the teams’ esports predictions, here’s everything you need to know about the CDL Boston Major LAN event.

Participating Teams and Standings

As expected, OpTic Texas secured the top spot, with Toronto Ultra behind them in second place in the CDL Boston Major qualifiers. However, the biggest surprise was seeing how low both Atlanta FaZe and L.A. Thieves placed!

Here are the standings heading into the CDL Boston Major:

CDL Boston Major:

Teams Points
OpTic Texas 40 points
Toronto Ultra 40 points
Boston Breach 30 points
New York Subliners 30 points
Minnesota RØKKR 30 points
Atlanta FaZe 30 points
L.A. Guerrillas 20 points
L.A. Thieves 20 Points
Florida Mutineers 20 Points
Las Vegas Legion 20 points
Seattle Surge 10 Points
London Royal Ravens 10 points

CDL Boston Major Schedule and Stream

The CDL Boston Major kicks off Thursday morning with New York Subliners taking on Minnesota RØKKR in the first matchup in the upper bracket. All eyes will be on New York to see if they can pick up another Major title this season. It would be their second in a row, making them strong contenders for the rest of the year.

Here is the rest of the 2023 CDL schedule for the CDL Boston Major:

2023 CDL Schedule:

Date Matchup
Thursday 2/2 New York Subliners vs. Minnesota RØKKR
Thursday 2/2 Boston Breach vs. Atlanta FaZe
Thursday 2/2 Toronto Ultra vs. LA Guerrillas
Thursday 2/2 OpTic Texas vs. L.A. Thieves
Friday 2/3 Florida Mutineers vs. T.B.D.
Friday 2/3 London Royal Ravens vs. T.B.D.
Friday 2/3 Las Vegas Legion vs. T.B.D.
Friday 2/3 Seattle Surge vs. T.B.D.
Saturday 2/4 Winner’s Round 2 – T.B.D.
Saturday 2/4 Elimination Round 2 – T.B.D.
Saturday 2/4 Elimination Round 3 – T.B.D.
Sunday 2/5 Elimination Round 4 – T.B.D.
Sunday 2/5 Winner’s Final – T.B.D.
Sunday 2/5 Elimination Final – T.B.D.
Sunday 2/5 Grand Final – T.B.D.

Where to Stream

The event will be live-streamed on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel since Twitch is the new home of the CDL as of this season. CDL fans can also find it on the official CDL website, where the Twitch stream is embedded.

Alternative viewing options have arrived, though. Former CDL G.O.A.T., Scump will be streaming a watch party for the event, as will several different personalities in the community.

Prize Pool

Not only will the winners of the CDL Boston Major earn a bunch of CDL Points to solidify their place in the overall CDL standings, but they will take home the most significant share of the vast $500,000 total prize pool.

Here’s how prize pool distribution works at the CDL Boston Major:

Prize Pool:

Place Price
First place 65 CDL points and $200,000
Second place 50 CDL points and $120,000
Third place 40 CDL points and $80,000
Fourth place 30 CDL points and $40,000
Fifth and sixth place 20 CDL points and $20,000
Seventh and eighth place 10 CDL points and $10,000
Ninth through Twelve places 0

CDL Esports Betting

After a strong performance in the CDL Boston Major qualifiers, OpTic Texas is the favorite heading into the tournament. After only conceding one loss, they hope to keep their momentum going to the final. However, on the opposite side of the table, Seattle Surge disappointed everyone after a strong showing in the first Major.

Esports bettors will want to stay far away from the Surge. They would have better luck betting on Florida Mutineers than them. Here are the esports betting odds for each team in the CDL Boston Major, and look out for our top three teams to watch!

CDL Esports betting odds:

Teams Odds
OpTic Texas +250
Toronto Ultra +400
Boston Breach +750
New York Subliners +550
Minnesota RØKKR +900
Atlanta FaZe +300
L.A. Guerrillas +2500
L.A. Thieves +1000
Florida Mutineers +10000
Las Vegas Legion +5000
Seattle Surge +3300
London Royal Ravens +25000

Matchup Betting Odds:

Teams Odds
New York Subliners vs. Minnesota RØKKR -233/+169
Boston Breach vs. Atlanta FaZe +159/+222
Toronto Ultra vs. LA Guerrillas -263/+187
OpTic Texas vs. L.A. Thieves -147/+101

CDL Teams to Watch

The major teams to watch are Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Texas. However, there are three others that every esports bettor should keep their eyes on going into the weekend. Those three teams are Minnesota RØKKR, Boston Breach, and L.A. Guerrillas.

LA Guerrillas (+2500)

During qualifying, L.A. Guerrillas looked like a dominant team but could not finish in the final round. Their two losses came at the hands of Florida Mutineers and Atlanta FaZe.

In both matches, they were the better team in nearly every game. At +2500, you can’t find a better team with that low of odds.

Minnesota RØKKR (+900)

Minnesota RØKKR is one of the most intriguing teams in the CDL. They have the ability to put in a fantastic run of matches and then all of a sudden fall off. During qualifying, they ended up in the top half of the table and hoped to continue their good form.

Therefore, betting on Minnesota at +900 seems like a no-brainer. However, esports bettors need to be cautious as the tournament goes on.

Boston Breach (+750)

The hosts of the CDL Boston Major, the Boston Breach, have surprised CDL and esports fans alike. They put up a fantastic performance against OpTic and dominated all but one match during qualifying.

After starting strong, they looked rough against L.A. Thieves, but that was a one-off loss. Despite that, they could be a strong contender for the Major and the entire CDL.

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