Could the Bright Lights of Los Angeles Lure Mitchell?

Donovan Mitchell Next Team Odds

There are talks of Donovan Mitchell’s exit from Cleveland, and there are many teams that would love his services.

Donovan Mitchell next team odds markets are available, and it’s the Los Angeles Lakers headlining at +250.

The Nets and Heat are also in the running for the standout guard, who averages 24.8 points per game throughout his career.

It Comes Down to Gilbert

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert doesn’t particularly enjoy the company of LeBron James, so selling his best player to the Lakers doesn’t seem right.

Everyone knows Gilbert doesn’t want to trade Mitchell to the Lakers, but the offer might be too good to pass up.

LeBron doesn’t have many years left in the NBA anyway, so Gilbert’s dislike of James shouldn’t play too much into it.

There have been rumors of the trade happening for a raft of draft picks and players, and it’s what the Cavaliers need.

As they stand, they aren’t good enough to handle the Boston Celtics, so getting draft picks could see them compete in a few years. However, they would be without a superstar.

The Lakers would love Mitchell. He is a scoring option outside of James and Anthony Davis, and the offense can get stuck with them on the floor at the same time.

“Gilbert and Koby Altman would look for a lucrative package of multiple draft picks and one or two young players with star potential in a Mitchell trade,” a report stated.

A Donovan Mitchell contract could be signed with the Lakers, and the +250 odds make for interesting reading.

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A Good Fit for the Heat

Mitchell would be a good fit for the Heat, who are desperate for a dynamic player.

The Heat live and die with Jimmy Butler, who is an outstanding player, but not someone who can score 10 points in the last two minutes.

They need someone who can take over the offense and put his team on his back. That’s Mitchell, but can the Heat afford him?

To sign the Cavaliers star, they would likely need to trade away some of their talent, including Tyler Herro and Jamie Jaquez Jr.

According to a recent article from Bleacher Report, Miami would be an excellent place for Mitchell.

“Miami is another team that makes sense for Mitchell,” Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey wrote. “And if the Cavaliers want to stay competitive with returning talent on a timeline similar to Darius Garland and Evan Mobley’s, the Heat have one of the best offers out there.”

We tend to agree. Mitchell going to Miami makes sense, and getting +500 with Donovan Mitchell next team odds is too good to pass up.

Are the Bulls Contenders?

With Eastern Conference teams looking more likely the West, besides the Lakers, Mitchell could head to Chicago.

We would love to see Mitchell playing for the Bulls, and they should have the resources to be able to afford him.

As it stands, the Bulls aren’t even close to competing for an Eastern Conference title, so something needs to change if they want that chance.

Signing Mitchell would be enough to get it done, so we’re entertaining the Donovan Mitchell next team odds of +1000.

Imagine a team with DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine, and Mitchell. They would have multiple scoring options, and because DeRozan and LaVine aren’t always capable of scoring 30+ points every night, that’s where Mitchell comes into play.

The Spurs are Circling

A team with Mitchell and Victor Wembanyama could be dangerous in the Western Conference, and it’s a mouthwatering proposition.

Based on the Cleveland Cavaliers standings, we believe they’ll strongly look to trade, and there’s no reason why San Antonio can sign him.

Wembanyama is still on his first contract, so they are saving money there, and they don’t have many big names on the roster.

Signing Mitchell could rocket the Spurs up the rankings because they are terrible at the moment.

There’s also every chance Mitchell could become one of the league’s top scorers. There would be value with NBA player props if he goes to San Antonio, which doesn’t currently have a naturally talented scorer.

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