Milwaukee vs Indiana: Pacers Seek Eastern Conference Win Over Bucks

Bucks vs Pacers Game Odds

As the Bucks vs Pacers game odds suggest, the Indiana Pacers have every chance of beating the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday.

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Location: Gainbridge Fieldhouse

Bucks Favored to Win

The Bucks are favored to win with Bucks vs Pacers game odds following two wins. However, NBA injuries could play their part.

The absence of Khris Middleton has been a setback for the Bucks, but they managed to bounce back nicely following their losses to Atlanta and Toronto.

Recent victories over the Knicks and Nets bode well, and although the opposition wasn’t elite, the Bucks are going about their business.

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been strengthening his NBA MVP candidate status with impressive statistics, averaging 26 points and nine rebounds per game, which leads the NBA team stats.

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His dominant presence on the court poses a big challenge for the Pacers, who have struggled to contain the Greek Freak in the past.

Damian Lillard had a strong start but has experienced a decline in performance recently. However, it was expected that the former Trail Blazer would need some time to adjust.

The Bucks are only 1-3-1 against the spread, so the Bucks vs Pacers game odds of -3½ is a worry. They haven’t been a good wager so far, but they’re good enough to buck the betting trends against the Pacers.

Pacers Provide the Value

Our best NBA bet is for the Pacers to beat the Bucks, but getting +3½ points is worth snapping up.

A fully healthy Pacers squad can contest against the top Eastern Conference teams, as they have shown recently.

After suffering a demoralizing 155-116 defeat against the Boston Celtics, the Pacers regrouped and secured a resounding 152-111 victory over the Spurs, followed by a 134-118 triumph against the Jazz last Wednesday.

Scoring 152 points against any opponent is a remarkable feat, and Tyrese Haliburton played a significant role by contributing 23 points.

“The ball was just moving well,” Haliburton said. “We were putting good energy in the ball. We were just playing the right way, getting enough stops, which allowed us to play in transition.”

Putting points on the board is why the Bucks vs Pacers game odds don’t have a bigger line for the home team. Scoring has always been an issue for the Pacers, but they are in a flow at the moment.

The Pacers boast a strong record of 5-3 against the spread, making them a profitable choice for bettors, and that success could continue against the Bucks.

Value with Pacers to Win

It’s rare that we bet against the Bucks vs the Pacers, but this is an ideal time for the underdog to strike.

The Bucks, who are without Middleton, could struggle to defend, and the Pacers’ offense has been outstanding recently.

Antetokounmpo and Lillard are tough to bet against, but they haven’t found their groove yet, and the Pacers are playing with confidence.

Indiana is usually a good bet at home, so take the value available.

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