Kenpom Game Predictions: Advanced Stats For Hoop Fans

Pomeroy's Influence on Point Spread is Big

Ken Pomeroy: The Statistical Influence Behind College Basketball Point Spreads

The man who influences the college basketball point spreads more than anybody isn’t a Las Vegas high roller. Heck, he doesn’t even bet on college basketball. But if you bet on college basketball, the numbers you’re betting into have been influenced to some extent by Ken Pomeroy. The former weatherman turned statistician runs the website The NCAAB Kenpom game predictions are used by a large number of college basketball bettors and sportsbooks alike.

There are an assortment of numbers on Pomeroy’s website. Many of them are free of charge, while a subscription to his service is just $21.95 per year. Among the free numbers are offensive and defensive efficiency NCAAB rankings, power ratings, tempo rankings, and strength of schedule ratings. The free numbers have nearly everything self-handicappers would want.

The paid membership gets you many more stats, including detailed stats of every player. It also gets you the NCAAB Kenpom game predictions. It’s seldom the point spread and the total will be more than a few points off of the Pomeroy numbers except in the case of a key injury or suspension. Pomeroy has said NCAAB injuries or emotional factors don’t influence his projections.

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Pomeroy’s FanMatch Predictions

The NCAAB Kenpom game predictions are listed in the FanMatch section of the site. That’s where every game on the NCAAB schedule is listed and a rating is assigned to each game. The higher the rating, the more exciting the game is expected to be. But a number of fans are just interested in the projected NCAAB scores of every game. Many bettors make their college basketball picks using Pomeroy’s numbers, but it’s harder to do now than it was in the past since the Pomeroy numbers are built into the opening lines. But you would be hard-pressed to find any serious college basketball bettor who doesn’t utilize Pomeroy’s site one way or another.

When it’s time for college basketball, it’s time for the NCAAB Kenpom game predictions.

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