Kareem Jackson: Controversial Hit in Broncos’ Nail-Biter Win

Another Kareem Jackson Hit Means a Risky Return

Kareem Jackson, back on the field after a two-game suspension for rough play, didn’t miss a beat in the Denver Broncos ‘ thrilling 21-20 win over the Minnesota Vikings. In fact, in a move that raised eyebrows, Joshua Dobbs, the Viking’s quarterback, was charged with a helmet-first Kareem Jackson hit , causing a fumble that the Broncos scooped up. Despite the heavy hit, Dobbs was back in action quickly, again not missing a beat.

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Was That A Missed Penalty?

The Kareem Jackson hit , which saw him lead with the crown of his helmet, had many thinking it deserved a flag. Almost all those involved called it a clear case for a penalty. But on the field, it slipped by without a whistle, keeping the Broncos in the clear, at least for the moment.

Similar Shenanigans

Jackson, who’s been in hot water this season for similar plays, costing him a suspension and hefty fines, isn’t planning a major overhaul of his aggressive style. He’s talked about aiming lower but remains committed to his instinctive way of playing. His quick return to the spotlight with Sunday’s contentious Kareem Jackson hit proves he’s sticking to HIS playbook.

Will There Be Consequences?

Although Jackson dodged a penalty during the game, the hit might still catch the NFL’s attention. Already known for his rough style, Jackson could be under the microscope again. It’s a wait-and-see if the league will take further action, but for now, Jackson’s risky play has kept him and the Broncos on the edge of controversy.

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