2024 Early NBA Draft Odds: Edey Draft Position Unknown

Purdue Standout Expected to Go Late in First Round

With the NBA Draft drawing nearer, more sportsbooks are posting odds on where players will be taken. One of the most popular bets right now is the over/under draft position wagers.

One team is all it takes to throw a wager off, so there is a bit of deduction that needs to be done. We’ll look at some of the 2024 early NBA Draft odds in this article.

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Zach Edey mug Zach Edey Over 22.5 +120, Under 22.5 -165

Nearly all of the NBA mock drafts have Edey being taken somewhere around No. 25. That’s a possibility, although a team like New Orleans could draft him at No. 21. You can’t fault anything he did at Purdue and he’s a winner. Don’t be surprised to see somebody take a shot on him a little higher than expected.

His NBA player stats will likely be better than expected, as he’s already more polished than a lot of big men. The over 22.5 (taken earlier) isn’t a horrible bet at +120.

Donovan Clingan mug Donovan Clingan Over 5.5 +130, Under 5.5 -175

Clingan has seen his NBA Draft Lottery odds improve and now the over/under on his draft spot is 5.5. The over/under on Clingan in April was 9.5, so he’s definitely moving up in the rankings. He’s one of those players right on the borderline.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him taken in the top five, but it’s also easy to see him falling a few spots below it. The odds of +130 are a little too tempting to pass up and would play the over.

Kyle Filipowskimug Kyle Filipowski Over 16.5 -140, Under 16.5 Even

Filipowski has talent, there’s no denying that, but the 2024 early NBA Draft odds might have him placed a little too high here. He wasn’t that impressive at the combine, although athleticism has never been his strong suit. This looks like a spot for an under bet.

Dalton Knecht mug Dalton Knecht Over 8.5 -120, Under 8.5 -120

Of all the 2024 early NBA Draft odds, this one is one of the better numbers posted. Knecht should go between No. 7 and No. 10, but the over 8.5 might be a decent wager.

It’s hard to see the Portland Trailblazers not selecting him if he’s there at No. 7. Several other players could have higher upsides, but Knecht is the type of player who can come in and contribute right away.

Stephon Castle mug Stephon Castle Over 7.5 Even, Under 7.5 -140

The number on Castle may be a shade low, as it’s easy to envision the Detroit Pistons taking him at No. 5 or Charlotte at No. 6. He’s solid all-around, although there are a few questions about his jump shot. For overall talent, you’re not going to get many players as well-rounded as Castle.

Rob Dillingham mug Rob Dillingham Over 5.5 +110, Under 5.5 -150

Of all the NBA picks in this draft, Dillingham is one of the more unpredictable. He can score, there’s no question about that, but he also has a few flaws. His defense is in need of improvement and his shot selection isn’t always the best.

Those may come with age and experience, but they could also be enough to keep him out of the top five picks in the draft.

Ron Holland mug Ron Holland Over 8.5 -110, Under 8.5 -130

If Holland is selected in the top eight, it could depend on what San Antonio does with its No. 4 overall pick. If the Spurs take Nikola Topić at No. 4, as some people believe, Holland makes sense at No. 8.

The Spurs could also take Reed Sheppard at No. 4, which could push Holland outside of the top eight. Holland could be worth a small play at over 8.5 and hope the Spurs call his name at No. 8.

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