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Venezia FC Stats
Venezia FC

General Information


Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo


Championships: N/A

Coppa Italia: 1941

  • Serie B: 1961, 1966

Serie A Standings

Venezia FC Stats & History

Venezia Football Club was established in 1907. They participated in the first division of Italian soccer for the first time in 1909. In 1911-12, Venezia won the Veneto/Emilia Romagna group but lost to Pro Vercelli in the national final.

In 1913, Venezia’s current home, Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo, opened up. In the 1920s and 30s, Venezia regularly moved between the first and second divisions. They even played in Serie C in 1935 but returned to the top flight in 1939, as Francesco Pernigo scored the winning goal. Pernigo is still the leader in the Venezia FC stats for Serie A goals.

Despite finishing in the mid table, Venezia won their first and only major trophy in 1941. They drew with Roma 3-3 in the first leg of the Coppa Italia final and Ezio Loik went on to score the game’s only goal in the return leg. In 1941-42, they challenged for the title and finished in third, which remains the best-ever Serie A season in the Venezia FC stats.

Leoni Alati reached the Coppa Italia final again in 1943 but lost to Torino. However, Venezia were relegated to Serie B in 1947, which started a decade-long decline. Venezia played in Serie C four seasons before returning to Serie B in 1957.

Serie A - Betting News

Venezia FC Team Records

Despite being a second division club, Venezia were semifinalists in the 1959 Coppa Italia. After an 11-year absence, Venezia returned to Serie A in 1961. Venezia finished 12th in their first season back but were relegated a year later. They returned to Serie A in 1966, but it only lasted one season and wouldn’t sniff the top flight again for another 30 years.

Venezia bottomed out in the fifth division during the 1980s, but Maurizio Zamparini purchased the team in 1986. Zamparini merged Venezia with AC Mestre and the club rapidly shot up to Serie B in 1991. After a 31-year absence, Venezia returned to the top flight in 1997-98.

Their stay lasted just two seasons, and they wouldn’t return to the top flight until 2021. In 2005 and 2009, the club was declared bankrupt, but Venezia made their way from Serie D to Serie A in under 15 years. Venezia were relegated back to Serie B in 2022, in line with the preseason Serie A odds.

Betting advice suggests Venezia may be contenders for promotion back to Serie A in 2022-23. There’s a lot of young exciting talent on the Venezia roster.


Is Venezia F.C. From Venice?

Yes, Venezia F.C. plays at the Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo in Venice, Italy.

What League Does Venezia F.C. Play In?

After getting relegated from Serie A in 2021-22, Venezia plays in Serie B as of the 2022-23 season.

Have Venezia F.C. Ever Won a Major Trophy?

The only major trophy Venezia have won is the 1940-41 Coppa Italia. They’re still without a Serie A title but have won Serie B, Serie C, and Serie D titles.

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