Fired: Zach Arnett, MS State Football Coach, Ditched Quickly

Out With the Slightly Old, In With... Who Knows?

Mississippi State have really stirred the pot by giving head coach Zach Arnett the boot. Only a year in, and bam, they’re craving someone new. Monday morning came with this juicy tidbit – Arnett’s fleeting stint as the head honcho is over. Talk about a short honeymoon!

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

Let’s face it, the Bulldogs have been more like underdogs lately, tripping over their paws to dismal NFL team stats 4-6 record after getting trounced 51-10 by Texas A&M. Three losses on the trot and a shabby 1-6 in SEC games – yikes! Mississippi State football coach Arnett, who climbed the ladder from defensive coordinator, didn’t quite manage to turn the ship around, did he?

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The Rapid Revolving Door of Management

Arnett got his big break in rather grim circumstances, stepping up after Mike Leach’s untimely departure. He did snag a win at the ReliaQuest Bowl, a fleeting moment of glory. But then Zac Selmon swoops in as athletic director and – surprise, surprise – decides Mississippi State football coach Arnett’s time is up quicker than you can say ‘fired’. Talk about a short leash!

Greg Knox Steps Up as Interim

In the interim, Greg Knox gets to play head coach, presumably until they find someone else to throw into the hot seat. Selmon’s statement was all about looking ahead and reaching for the stars – or at least trying not to trip over their own feet. He threw a bone to Arnett for his ‘dedication’, but let’s be real – it’s all about winning, folks.

As Mississippi State flips the page, they’re probably crossing their fingers and toes for something better, while Mississippi State football coach Arnett packs his bags. It’s “Good luck, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” after an 11-game stint!

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