Rainbow Six Betting Odds: EU Stage 3 Week 6

The Rainbow Six EU League Stage 3 continues as we look ahead to week six! The usual suspects got the work done and won their matchups, while TT9 and Team Secret continued to struggle. With their win against TT9, G2 has been inching closer to the middle of the pack as they are only two wins away from a potential top 5 finish.

There are only four play weeks left in The Rainbow Six Siege Stage 3, so let’s see if week six can be a turning point for some of these teams.

Week Five Overview

In a battle of the top teams, Rogue came out on top over BDS and claimed the number one spot in the table. Wolves continued their hot streak and rose to second place above BDS and Heroic.

Current Standings

  1. Rogue: 3-0-2-0
  2. Wolves: 3-0-1-1
  3. BDS: 2-2-0-1
  4. Heroic: 2-2-0-1
  5. MNM Gaming: 2-1-0-1
  6. Outsiders: 2-0-2-1
  7. NAVI: 1-1-2-1
  8. G2: 2-0-1-2
  9. Team Secret: 0-2-0-3
  10. TT9: 0-0-0-5

Playday Schedule

    • Playday 1: Monday, September 12th
    • Playday 2: Monday, September 19th
    • Playday 3: Monday, September 26th
    • Playday 4: Monday, October 3rd
    • Playday 5: Monday, October 10th
    • Playday 6: Monday, October 17th
    • Playday 7: Thursday, October 20th
    • Playday 8: Monday, October 24th
    • Playday 9: Monday, October 31st

Week 5 Matchups

The week six matchups are upon us, and some key ones could shake the table. These matches will be crucial for esports betting tips to watch since their odds could change as the tournament continues.

Here are the matchups for week six, along with their Rainbow Six betting odds to win:

BDS (-435) vs. TT9 (+285)

BDS vs. TT9 is about as easy as a bet as they come. TT9 has been poor since the beginning and has yet to win a game. BDS is one of the favorites to place top four, but they lost to fellow favorite Rogue, so they will be looking for redemption.

Team Secret (+162) vs. MNM Gaming (-225)

MNM gaming has stayed consistent throughout the tournament thus far and will look to crack the top four if they can get a win out of Team Secret, who currently sit second to last.

MNM gaming has stayed consistent throughout the tournament thus far and will look to crack the top four if they can get a win out of Team Secret, who currently sit second to last. Therefore, MNM is the safe bet for Rainbow Six betting odds. Team Secret is another team who has not played well, but they can always surprise us with an upset.

Heroic (+102) vs. Wolves (-139)

Every week there seems to be a battle of the top teams, and this one takes the cake. Wolves and Heroic are in great form heading into this matchup, and it can go either way. Wolves are favored, but Heroic has been just as good. Therefore, Heroic is the way bettors should go, especially at +102.

Rogue (-227) vs. Outsiders (+162)

Rogue looks to continue its dominance as they take on Outsiders. Although Outsiders may be in sixth, they have not performed well against the top teams. They have only won games against bottom feeders TT9 and Team Secret. Nevertheless, they will have a tough time on their hands, so Rogue is how esports bettors should go.

NAVI (+164) vs. G2 (-227)

Besides the matchup between two top-four teams, this has to be the most interesting in week six. NAVI and G2 are tied on total points, but NAVI edges out because of the round differential. G2 are coming off a big win that could have changed their chances, and will hope to grow on that; however, NAVI has some incredibly tough matchups, so they will want to gain as many points as possible.

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