Is Christian Pulisic a Top 3 US Soccer Player of All Time?

Pulisic Has Tied Donovan for the Most US Soccer Male Player of the Year Awards With Four

What a Player! ๐Ÿคฉ

With Christian Pulisic making plenty of soccer news, it is fair to ask whether the star is among the greatest United States players of all time. Despite plenty of soccer rumors, Pulisic has some work to do but the good news is the midfielder is just 25 years old.

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Three players I have ranked above Pulisic: Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, and Tim Howard. It is also worth mentioning these three members of USMNT royalty thrived despite playing on rosters that were far from the most talented in the world.

Pulisic has the advantage of playing on a team full of players who are playing on top international clubs. This has not always been the case for United States soccer players.

Letโ€™s examine how Pulisic stacks up against the USMNT legends.

Landon Donovan Set the Standard

It is hard to argue with Donovanโ€™s resume starting with the 2002 World Cup run. The USMNT reached the quarterfinals, the best finish in the modern era of the World Cup.

The USA did have that epic 1930 World Cup we all remember. It was a significantly reduced field so does not carry the same weight as a recent run.

Donovan played in Germany at a time when American soccer players were viewed with skepticism. There was also the epic performance in the 2010 World Cup that led the USMNT to win their group.

Donโ€™t Tread on Clint Dempsey

Part-time rapper, part-time striker. Clint Dempsey is a legend if only for the memes heโ€™s provided American soccer fans.

Dempsey does not have quite the same resume as Donovan. What he does have is swagger at a time when the United States was viewed as a pushover. Dempsey was physical and brash as the heartbeat of those USMNT.

As a bonus, Dempsey is crushing it with his non-traditional approach as an analyst.

Long live Deuce.

Tim Howard Stood on His Head

Honestly, Iโ€™m not sure how Howardโ€™s resume stacks up with the greats. I just know that Howard was part of too many USMNT squads with little scoring firepower.

Howard may have had the greatest performance of any United States loss. The USMNT legend stood on his head during the teamโ€™s 2-1 loss to Belgium in 2014. Howard posted a massive 16 saves.

As a bonus, Howard has a lengthy stint in the EPL headlined by his time at Everton.

Christian Pulisic Has Work to Do

For Pulisic to reach the USMNT Mount Rushmore we need more success in international tournaments. Pulisic has an opportunity to cement his status as a United States soccer legend when the country plays host to the 2026 World Cup.

Game recognizes game and Pulisic is striving to have even more signature moments like Donovan and Dempsey.

โ€œI remember watching World Cups as a kid and watching (Clint) Dempsey scoring goals in the World Cup,โ€ Pulisic told The Athletic. โ€œ(Landon) Donovan scoring the winning goal (against Algeria in South Africa in 2010). Itโ€™s moments like that, that stick in kidsโ€™ minds and can inspire a generation, which is what those moments did for me.โ€

There are plenty of soccer games left for Pulisic to have more YOLO moments.

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