A.C Monza

AC Monza Stats
A.C Monza Stats

General Information


Stadio Brianteo


Championships: N/A

Coppa Italia: 1963 

  • Serie C: 1927, 1951, 1967, 2020



AC Monza Stats History

A merger of local clubs Pro Monza and Pro Italia founded Monza F.B.C. in 1912. The first trophy in the AC Monza stats was the 1913 Coppa Colli. That same year, Monza further merged with Juventus F.B.C. to form A.C. Monza.

Monza briefly played in the Prima Categoria, the equivalent of Serie A, from 1920 to 1922. However, the club declined and played in the third division during the 1930s and 40s. In 1932, Monza adopted red and white shirts. One of their nicknames, Biancorossi, comes from their uniform colors.

One of the notable AC Monza stats is that they were the first Serie C club to reach the Coppa Italia quarterfinals. Their run ended when they lost to Genoa 2-1 in 1939. Monza first played in Serie B in 1951 and enjoyed a fifteen-year run in the second tier. They were relegated in 1966 but managed to return one year later.

Serie A - Betting News

A.C Monza Team Records

Monza got close to Serie A promotion in 1971 but a loss on the second-to-last matchday ruined their hopes. In 1976, Monza managed to win the Anglo-Italian Cup by defeating Wimbledon 1-0 in the final. Over the next few decades, though, they bounced around the second and third tiers.

They even dropped down to the fourth tier and were eventually declared bankrupt in 2004. After multiple changes of ownership, Monza was once again declared bankrupt in 2015. They were playing in the fourth tier as recently as 2017 but Silvio Berlusconi’s purchase of the club was a major turning point.

Monza won the Serie C title in 2020 and sealed their first-ever Serie A promotion in the 2022 promotion playoffs. They even have the ninth-best Serie A odds to make the top four, at +1200. Betting advice suggests Monza can survive their first Serie A season, especially given shrewd investments in the transfer market.

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