WIll Reba McEntire Have The Quickest National Anthem In Super Bowl History?

The Early Line Movement For The 2024 Super Bowl National Anthem Odds Have Been Crazy!

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. It’s essentially a holiday. You won’t see many cars on the road during the big game.

It’s also one of the most gambled-on events every year. But some bettors don’t even bother betting on the actual game. They’d rather bet on Super Bowl props that have nothing to do with the game.

But while there might not be football analytics to some of these Super Bowl bets, there are still edges to be had.

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The National Anthem length over and under was one of the first Super Bowl props to be released this year. The NFL announced country singer Reba McEntire will be singing the anthem. When oddsmakers heard this, they set the line at 84.5 seconds in the morning.

By afternoon, the line quickly reached 87.5 and settled back to 86.5. Eventually, the line returned to 83.5, with the Under more favored.

It’s been a wild ride with this prop.

84 seconds would be a historically quick anthem. Last year, Chris Stapleton went more than two minutes. The fastest anthem in the previous decade went to Kelly Clarkson, who only needed one minute and 34 seconds. But that’s still 94 seconds.

It looks like oddsmakers did their research. But the number went up strictly because many bettors felt the line was too low. But once bettors also did their research, the number went back down to 83.5.

Let’s take a look at the wacky 2024 Super Bowl National Anthem odds.

The Lowest Total In Anthem The Last 25 Years

Since 1991, the quickest anthem in the Super Bowl was Jewel in 1998, which went a minute and 27 seconds. That’s 87 seconds, which is higher than McEntire’s prop right now. In 1990, Aaron Neville went one minute and 25 seconds.

We’ve seen more performances last more than two minutes than we’ve seen performances last inside the 80-90 second mark.

In 1997, Reba McEntire sang the National Anthem for a baseball game on October 21. She lasted one minute and 23 seconds. That performance went 83 seconds, which is why the total began at that number and returned to that number.

But we’re also in 2024 now. Reba is a bit older, which could slow her down a bit.

She’s been clocked other times singing the Star-Spangled Banner, hitting 71 seconds, 78 seconds, and 80 seconds. She’s typically very fast with the anthem.


There have been instances where some books pay out the Over, and others pay out the Under on the same prop.

There is no official time recorded. It’s based on the discretion of the sportsbooks and what they believe was the correct time.

Ensure you know this before indulging in this or any other Super Bowl prop. These bets can get tricky sometimes, as some bets, including this one, could be controversial.

Other Ways To Bet The Star-Spangled Banner

Many sportsbooks will have other ways to bet on the National Anthem. We’ve seen sportsbooks put out interesting props like whether or not the shortest scoring drive of the NFL game would be greater or less than the length of the National Anthem.

We should also point out that there is no real trend for the Super Bowl National Anthem. The Over and Under have been hitting nearly the same rate over the last decade. It’s just that McEntire is usually very quick with her renditions, making people believe that she’ll have one of the fastest performances in Super Bowl history.

Research Information On The 2024 Super Bowl National Anthem Odds

You will find edges for the Star-Spangled Banner eventually. We’ve seen people stand outside the stadium to listen to rehearsals, and that’s actually worked out previously. The rehearsals are always spot-on compared to the actual performance.

When this kind of information leaks, some sportsbooks won’t pay out and void bets. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to find an edge. Listening to a rehearsal isn’t illegal by any stretch of the imagination.

One time, Christina Aguilera forgot a line in the song in 2011. The Under hit, and most books paid out anyway. But that certainly helped the Under hit. Some were disappointed about the outcome of that National Anthem total.

Other Super Bowl Prop Bets During National Anthem

  • Player to be shown first during National Anthem
  • Coach to be shown first during National Anthem
  • Colors of Reba’s Clothes …and many more props, depending on the book you’re looking at.

We wouldn’t recommend going heavy on any of these bets. But if you’re having a good time and want to laugh with your friends and family before the game, consider adding a couple of bucks on these bets for the fun of it.

The 2024 SB odds can’t come out soon enough!

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