Can Joshua Dobbs Help Push Minnesota Into The Playoffs?

Joshua Dobbs NFL Stats: Minnesota Found Its Quarterback in 2023

Joshua Dobbs

Full Name:
Robert Joshua Dobbs
Current Team:
Minnesota Vikings
Jersey Number:
28years old

Nobody is having a season quite like Joshua Dobbs.

Joshua Dobbs finished last year’s season as the Tennessee Titans‘ quarterback. In the off-season, he signed with the Cleveland Browns, who traded him to the Arizona Cardinals before the regular season.

Dobbs came to Arizona to play quarterback until Kyler Murray was healthy. With Murray on schedule to start at quarterback in a couple of weeks, the Cardinals sent Dobbs to the Minnesota Vikings at the trade deadline.

Last week, the Vikings were desperate for a quarterback after Kirk Cousins tore his Achilles. There was initial discussion about Deshaun Watson, but the Vikings settled on Dobbs before the trade deadline passed.

When Dobbs landed with the Vikings, he didn’t know anyone’s name and surely didn’t know the playbook that the Vikings used.

He studied as much as he could before Sunday’s game against the Falcons but was preparing to be the backup to rookie quarterback Jaren Hall.

But once Hall got injured and was unavailable to return, Dobbs got another opportunity as a quarterback of an NFL team.

This time, it was with the Vikings. He poured his heart on the field and helped the Vikings earn a 31-28 victory on the road. The Vikings are now 5-4 and in prime position to make the playoffs.

Dobbs got the game ball.

But is it safe to say that Dobbs can push the Vikings into the playoffs?

Take a look at Joshua Dobbs NFL stats throughout his career.

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Dobbs’ Journey

Joshua Dobbs is one of the more notable backup quarterbacks in the NFL. Although he started for the Cardinals this year, Arizona wasn’t expecting to start him throughout the season once Kyler Murray returned.

Dobbs played college ball in Tennessee and was drafted in the fourth round, with pick 135 by the Steelers.

With Pittsburgh, he lasted from 2018 to 2021, where he only threw for 45 yards on ten completions in three seasons. He had minimal NFL stats to begin his career.

Finally, in 2022, thanks to a Ryan Tannehill injury and Malik Willis underperforming, Dobbs got an opportunity to play long-term as a member of the Titans.

He earned two starts, adding two touchdowns and two interceptions on 69 passing attempts. He didn’t “wow” anyone, but he did enough to get on the radar of the Cardinals.

Arizona cut Colt McCoy despite Kyler Murray being on the NFL injuries list. When they did this, Arizona elected to give Joshua Dobbs the keys to the offense in a trade with the Browns as the regular season started.

Dobbs played eight games and only earned one win for the Cardinals. However, he threw eight touchdowns and only five interceptions, with a 62.8% percentage.

He played well, given the circumstances, and now has the chance to play for a contender. After Dobbs and the Vikings defeated Atlanta, the entire team shared much emotion and gratitude toward their new quarterback.

The Vikings were down once Kirk Cousins got hurt. But Dobbs lifted them right back up. At 5-4, Minnesota has something to play for now.

Joshua Dobbs NFL Stats & Profile

Dobbs has been in the league since 2018. However, 2023 is genuinely his first season with more than two starts in the NFL.

He could’ve given up as a third-stringer on the Titans. But he stuck it out in 2022 and got an opportunity when Tannehill was hurt, and Malik Willis wasn’t cutting it. While Dobbs didn’t play lights out or help the Titans earn a playoff spot, he held his own and started to get on other team’s radars.

His career stats aren’t encouraging. But they’re only going to get better if he’s given the entire second half to be the Vikings’ quarterback.

Joshua Dobbs CAREER Stats
COMP 237
ATT 381
COMP % 62.2%
PASS YDS 2,183
CAR 68

Dobbs has played 17 games in his career. That’s equivalent to an entire season, but he’s been in the league since 2018. Still, some of those games that he played in were games where he appeared in the game late after the game was a blowout.

His stats this year better represent his potential.

Joshua Dobbs 2023 Stats
COMP 187
ATT 296
COMP % 63.2%
PASS YDS 1,727
CAR 254

Joshua Dobbs Player of the Week

The Vikings came into their game against the Falcons with only two quarterbacks.

While Joshua Dobbs was the more accomplished quarterback on the roster, he didn’t know the system or playbook. Therefore, Minnesota elected to use rookie quarterback Jaren Hall for its game against Atlanta. But when Hall got hurt, the Vikings had no choice but to roll with Dobbs.

Being the professional he is, Dobbs completed 20-of-30 from the field and added two touchdowns with no interceptions. Dobbs also rushed for seven carries and added 66 yards with another touchdown.

Dobbs scored three touchdowns without even starting the game. His game-winner came with under 30 seconds to go for the Vikings. These Joshua Dobbs NFL stats in Week 9 were absurd. The Vikings will have some good NFL scores and odds as long as Dobbs stays healthy long-term.

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