NFL’s Worst Beats of Week 4: Mahomes Anti-Hero to This Cruel Summer

Quarterback Burns Countless Tickets With Late Game Antic

Chiefs Fail To Cover Spread With Mahomes’ Late Slide

Patrick Mahomes played one of his less remarkable games against the New York Jets this Sunday. But in the end, he had the last laugh as he led Kansas City to a 23-20 win albeit at the expense of the -8.5 point spread. Instead of scoring a touchdown late in the game, Mahomes went out of bounds and then took a bow as KC spread bettors suffered the worst beat of Week 4.

To Rub Salt to the Wound, We Will Use Taylor Swift’s Song References

If you bet the Chiefs anywhere from -3.5 and lower, you just had one of the worst beats of Week 4. The “sharp” money was in on the Jets. Still, we don’t entirely blame you as not many could have foreseen in their “Wildest Dreams” Zach Wilson outplaying Mahomes. We kid you not. He was “The Man” and played an “Enchanted” game.

Wilson completed 28-of-39 passes for 245 passing yards, two touchdowns, and a 105.2 passer rating. Sure, he started slow. But he was one of the main reasons why the Jets overcame a 17-0 deficit. The Jets’ defense also woke up and held Kansas City to just two field goals. Unfortunately, that’s all the favorites needed to hold on.

Mahomes had to “Shake it Off” as he led the Chiefs offense, with a 23-20 lead, ate most of the clock in the fourth quarter. With the final seconds winding down and the Chiefs in scoring position, Mahomes broke to the right and had a clear path to the end zone. He was going to do it. He was going to cover the NFL point spread.

Except he didn’t.

Mahomes ran out of bounds about one yard short of the pylon then saucily took a bow. “Don’t Blame Me,” Mahomes probably thought as KC spread bettors everywhere shrieked in agony as the time ran out.

If this is not “Bad Blood”, then we don’t know what is. This play harkens back to when Nick Chubb ran out at the 1-yard line in the Browns’ win over Houston back in 2020. Like this game, the Browns failed to cover the spread and instead won by draining the game clock.

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More Bad Beats To Go Around

Chiefs bettors who got burnt by Mahomes can take solace in the fact that there were more heart-breakers on the NFL football schedule. Take the Cardinals backers. Arizona was a 14.5-point underdog and was down 35-16 to San Francisco. The Cardinals, 3-0 against the spread up to this point, had a few chances to go 4-0.

But tight end Zach Ertz could not make that short-yardage haul in the endzone. Ertz had the ball by his fingertips but somehow fumbled the ball as he slumped to his knees in dismay, likely in the same posture as everyone who bet Arizona’s spread.

A play later, Dobbs threw the ball right in between Zach Pascal’s hands. Damn, these Zachs! Arizona went on to lose by 19 in what was one of the worst beats of Week 4.

The Patriots-Cowboys game was another one worth nothing for those who bet on the totals. Firstly, anyone who bet the “over” on a Patriots game must have some real cojones. This team averaged 17 points a game and faced a pissed-off Dallas defense. So, duh.

The Patriots had one last drive down the field that put kicker Chad Ryland in field goal range. It was a 52-yarder for the rookie kicker who was 50% on his attempts from this distance. All of a sudden, the “under” did not look like such a lock.

But those who bet it breathed a sigh of relief as his kick missed. Now had that gone in, that would have been a bad beat. And for those who bet the over, it’s not so much a bad beat as a false sense of hope.

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